Yet another nail biter!

Another nail biter but no see gar! Lions drop another close one. :roll:

They certainly made things interesting by coming back and tying the game twice. Destiny was in their hands when Medlock missed his last field goal making the point spread only a single. Get McCallum within field goal range and we win the game. But sadly it didn't happen.....

But what's this??? With under a minute to go all Glenn has to do is kill off the clock with a couple first downs. Coburne gets the ball and does what he's trained to do. He does what he's done all of his football career and that is to run like you the end zone if he can. And THAT is exactly what he did! But mathematically it wasn't a smart thing to do. Now who ever heard of a guy not running his brains out to get to the end zone? I have to admit, on this occasion ball control and ball possession takes precedence over scoring- oddly enough.

Thing is by running to the end zone and converting the TD with a single it created a most interesting situation. The point spread became 8 points. With a TD and a two point convert the Lions could conceivably tie the game again! My oh my. I've never seen that before. But having scored the major the Ti-Cats would have been smarter to go for the two point conversion. If they succeeded the Lions would have been toast. If they failed, the Cats would still have been 7 points ahead and the Lions would have still had to score a TD and convert with a single to tie the game.

But as fate would have it the Lions would not have the opportunity. Full marks to the Ti-Cats for a great game played. Full marks to the Lions for running the ball more. I saw more positive things happen this game than I've seen all season.