Yet Another Horrible Call By The Refs

As i sat in my basement, watching my most hated team get slaughtered, (as i am a Tiger- Cats fan) i couldn't help noticing the best spot given all year by any ref to any team. I am talking about the 3rd and 1 late in the fourth quarter, when Damon Allen attempted a quarter back sneak, and the yard and a half he missed it by was quite distinguishable. I know CFL refs always give a generous spot, but this one was a bit ridiculous. Another play that should not have counted was the Argos late touch down. Damon Allen was clearly a yard over the LOS. Anyways, i'm done complaining about the refs in this game, congrats Calgary on a huge much needed win over the Argos.

Thanks and from a fan that is not a stamp fan. But you are right that was a bad spot and yes it was close at the LOS. No use about complaining it seems sometimes certain refs(Bud Steen) favor some teams.
The one that stood out for me was that roughing the passer were the stamp dlineman (Randy Chevrier was tagged for falling at Mike McMahons feet. The first long pass was to Copeland was close as well. But hey I have been saying Bud Steen is a senile piece of trash for some time now. Just to think in George Blacks world this is called improvement.

I want to know what the point of Instant Replay is since the refs have got it wrong everytime Calgary uses it. That was clearly a catch by Copeland; sliding on your back with the ball in control is a catch. The refs in this league need to be professional. I thought the spot was way too generous to Allen on the sneak and then he was clearly across the line of scrimmage on the TD. If this is a pro league we need pro refs that just don't do what they feel like; the league needs to penalize them for poor calls.

Well you may be correct on those calls. ANd have you noticed this is the second blunder by the same offical. Bud Steen the vet does not know the rules. To bad Mr. Black can not see how bad this guy is on the field. Time to move old Bud and his walker out of the stadium doors and keep him there. The Marty York of refrees. I can see a rookie making these mistakes and that would be fine. But this guy has been in the league a long time how do you effectively forget the rules.

I agree. Bud Steen and his crew seem to always blow at least three calls a game.