Yet Another Boring Grey Cup!!!

Montreal and Sask in my mind yet another boring Grey Cup game on the way. Montreal has only been in the Grey Cup like six of the past seven Grey Cups and has only one victory Regina's last big win was against the Bombers and their back up QB Dinwiddie in 2007, very boring game, fact is in an eight team league we have seen the current two times many times before, you would almost think that the CFL marketing would quickly add another four teams and Cities to the mix like Ottawa, Halifax or Moncton, Windsor and somewhere else just to give the game an added dimension.

Actually if my wish came true we would see the Tiger-Cats play in the next six Grey Cups and win everyone, that way we could bore the crap out of the rest of the CFL but at least I and many Cat fans would be happy!!!!!

EAT EM RAW IN 2010, Another Year, Another Opportunity!!!!!

It will only be boring if SK fails to show up and gets blown away by the Als. If the Riders are at the top of their game, it should be exciting to watch, regardless of the fact Montreal has been overexposed in recent Grey Cup history. The Sask/Winnipeg game in 2007 lacked drama and didn't see much offense. I'll be surprised if that's the case on Sunday. Forecast is for decent weather in Calgary on Sunday too, so the passing game should be in full effect. Both offenses have the potential to be explosive.

It’s the Grey Cup game!!! It will be a blast regardless.

An Argo-Cat fan

You need to get back on your meds there Cyber. :wink:

Enjoy, life's too short my friend, whine too much and there will be no wine for you! :slight_smile:

The game isn't till Sunday. How can you tell it's going to be boring already?

Its hard to tell now but if it is anything like the past 3 or so years I'll find myself flipping by halftime like the other years. The past few years have been lousy and hardly anything to write home about.

I guess beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.... I can't think of one Grey Cup that was "boring".

except, maybe, the ones the Blew team accidently won.

If you're a real football fan they should have kept your interest, they have for me. Ok, not all no. 1 hits on the chart for explosive offense but that's not what football is necessarily all about, or any sport. If you want 100 point games all the time, watch basketball.

Phew !

I read the thread title and thought I missed the Grey Cup game !! :lol: :lol: :lol:

While these two teams may have been in the Grey Cup a lot in recent times, Saskatchewan has only ever won a handful, and in fact this is the first time in the modern era that these two teams will meet.

I am hoping for a close game, although I am a little concerned that Montreal could blow this one wide open. There will be a lot of Rider fans in Calgary. This will hopefully give them a little boost, and possibly even the playing field.

I'm not really cheering for one team or the other, but hope it's exciting.


Yes, neat storyline that this is the first time these two teams have met in the GC as you say. Also what a treat for Rider fans to be able to not have to travel far to watch their team in the Cup, when was the last time it was this close to Saskatechewan when the Riders were in the big show?

Yup, anytime Rider fans are involved, its going to be good. I think Montreal has a definite edge in talent, but Sask will have the 'home' crowd. Plus, regardless of what the players say, the Als history in the Grey Cup will be on their minds.

I think it'll be close -- with Montreal pulling it out. I don't think we'll see a blowout. If there's any weather factor, that too should favour the Riders.

1997: Blue team beat the Reggie Slack led Riders in Edmonton.

Ditto :thup: want boring -watch nfl :stuck_out_tongue:

so why do you have to bring up the NFL??? In fact the Super Bowl and the NFL in general has been much more exciting than the CFL in the past few years. There have been some classic close Super Bowls, the Grey Cup has been a snooze that last few years.

Agreed. I love the CFL but if youre not watching the NFL just because you think its boring, youre missing out on some good football.

Football is football !

Boring? Nah, a little beer a little pizza and it is the end of the first quarter,a little more beer and it is half time.A little more beer a little more pizza it is the end of the third quarter.A little more beer and the game is over, add all that beer together and you get a lot of beer and sadly the season is over. Ah but next year it will be the Ti-Cats playing and then........

Did somebody say the game last night would be boring?

It was a great game so why do you have to bring up the NFL? I really just don't understand guys like you?
Why can't you just enjoy the CFL?
By the way I watched Steelers and Baltimore last night it went into overtime very exciting?
Please keep the topic on the CFL