Yet another Body Blow to Rogers.

Rogers paid out 750K today for a game that no one paid to attend. The announced attendance was 22K... However if you watched the game you know that that was a bald faced lie.
The people who were in attedance basicly all got free tickets... If not for buying a Bills ticket, then it was a free ticket that Rogers gave out to the competing universities to entice them to come to Toronto...
It is almost sad to think what would happen if a Canadian corporation was willing to invest this much money into a Canadian instition like the CFL.

Forgot about this game, what is it, the International Bowl? Oh well, I think I'll get to sleep tonight in any event. :wink:

It is almost sad to think what would happen if a Canadian corporation was willing to invest this much money into a Canadian instition like the CFL.
...or how about Canadian University football? What a bunch of Yankee-loving turncoats Rogers is. :thdn:

What is Rogers actual involvement in this game beside rent for their stadium for a few days? This isn't their game so what did they spend 750 thousand dollars on? I didn't think they were that heavily involved.

I would be surprised if anyone with a half a brain paid actual money to watch this crap.

I would be surprised if anyone with a whole brain paid actual money to watch this crap.

Well the future stars of the CFL are playing in usa bowl games......Alot of future CFL stars have played within the last week in USA Bowl games


Perhaps Rogers could promote a game With the Vanier Cup winner vs a U.S collage bowl team. Then it would be an international bowl. Instead of promoting American football in Canada, and also put some backing$ behind Toronto,s University teams.


Other than renting the stadium - nothing. Roger's spent nothing. See the links below for the title sponsors.
People love to make assumptions and then post them as fact...... People love to bash Roger's for things they have little knowledge about. Two seconds of research would tell you the International Bowl brings $$$ into the City of Toronto in a time of low tourist interest. They would find out the game is independent of Roger's in every way but renting the stadium.

That show what you know,. Western lost to the eventual V.C champ in the Utech Bowl. Queen,s btw has a 1500 lb 5 man O.L . so bring OHIO STATE bring it!

I'm not sure they have nothing to do with it. In fact Silvio D' Addario The Vice President, Operations and Business Affairs for the International Bowl is also the Vice President of Events for the Blue Jays which are of course owned by Rogers. I'm pretty sure there are other connections as well.

Who initiated the international bowl in the first place? Was it a completely separate entity that just came up with the idea and approached the Rogers Centre for it's use? Was the city involved, was it the tourism board? Did they bring some Rogers folks in to help pull this off?

The City of Toronto bid for a Bowl game back in 2004 as an effort to help in the economic recovery after the SARS thing. They lost out to San Diego that time but won the Bowl bid in 2005.
Roger's was not part of that bid except listed as the owner of the venue selected to host the game.

The money given to the Bowl participants is obtained from sponsorship of which Roger's is not one as far as I can tell.

As far the Silvio D' Addario connection.
An individual person may be named to or posted on the board of a number of organisations as long as there is no conflict of interest. That doesn't mean that any of the respective organisations the person may work for have to work together on any project. For example the former CEO of my company also sat on the Board of Governor for both our parent compay and it's parent, is the Chairman of a large charity and sits on a local business improvement board. He is also part owner of a restaurant. He is free to do what ever he wants with his time and work on any project he see fits as long as one does not conflict with the other.

Thanks for the info, I always wondered who initiated the whole thing.

As far as the conflict of interest thing, I never said that or meant to imply that, sorry if that's how it sounded. All I said was that we couldn't say that there was absolutely no involvement with Rogers when employees from Rogers are working on the project. Yeah, employees can do what they want in their free time, but he does events at Rogers Centre and is the VP of the event. I'd feel fairly confident to say that there is atleast a trace of involvement with Rogers.

I don't buy any of this.
Why did people who bought Bills tickets get free bowl tickets...
The low attendance number is probabaly identical to the number of fans who actually bought Bills tickets in Toronto.
You wait... next season if you buy Blue Jays tickets... you'll get both Bills tickets and bowl tickets.
This ought to boost the attendance at the bowl game by 5 thousand.