Yesterday's Meeting with Compass

I'm very curious about how this meeting went, and would really like a report. Perhaps I'm too impatient. If so, could we get an ETA on when we will get some feedback? Many thanks in advance.

:) Yes, enquiring minds want to know :wink:

Who is Compass?

The inept company running the concession stands at IWS.

Most informative post of this young website’s life.

lmao :lol:

What about the miserable Pepsi machines that ate our money under section 28. Maybe if we had Coke machines they would actually test them to make sure they work !!!!!!!!

Is this Compass that is responsible for this ineptitude or is it Ontario's #2 selling soft drink manufacturer that is directly responsible for their non-functioning machines ???? Hope they choke on my money :twisted:

There was a meeting on Monday to go through all of the issues involving concessions at last Friday's game.

Compass (the company that is contracted by the Tiger-Cats to operate the concessions) has a follow up meeting with us today to present a plan as to how the problems will be rectified for the rest of the season.

Vending machines are provided by Pepsi for use by Compass.

We'll keep the enquiring minds updated.



Thank you for the update Mark. If there's anything that will keep fans from coming to IWS, it's poor concessions. Heck, even with the dismal play in 2003 and last year people still showed up...

Thanks Mark.

LOL, yet ANOTHER plan? Another chance for Compass Management to talk the talk. Wow, does my cynicism shine through?! :?

i'm not overly confident...

my old highschool caf used compass.

they were horrible food wise (most days)

heck i've even seen a few caf ladies working at the game. oddly enough...

i'm not expecting improvement from this company. time to drop compass for something better and cheaper, Bob.

i'm not expecting improvement from this company. time to drop compass for something better and cheaper,
What Mark did not say in his brief report is that we are going to stay on top of Compass like an alien face-hugger*. Compass are embarrassed by their performance during the exhibition game and are committed to radical improvement.

So we know that they will be better, simply because we will not allow them to be as bad.

While we are not able to make changes this season, they are on notice that if the concessions do not become a lot better than last year, this will be their last season at Ivor Wynne.

This is going to be interesting and I’m looking forward to everyone’s feedback on the concessions starting when you get home from the game Saturday night!

Cheers, Bob.

  • anyone know the movie the “alien face-hugger” analogy refers to?

It’s too easy, there couldn’t possibly be a prize involved with this one…

I’ll guess any one of the movies Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Alien Resurrection, and AVP: Alien Vs. Predator :wink:

*The Alien series, would be my guess.

Seriously Bob, if there is not SIGNIFICANT improvement within the next game (or, at most 2), then I hope you fire Compass, and sue them for damages. As a previous member said in another thread, I would rather there be no concessions than the dreck to which we have been subjected. What would happen if, heaven forbid, someone got seriously ill after eating at IWS? How long before fans start demanding refunds for missing an entire quarter of football while waiting in line to get horrid food?

This is not something to be joked around with, nor swept under the rug…

even better than that, you should be on them like that “fukunaki surprise” from the bud light commercials.

This is not something to be joked around with, nor swept under the rug...
You are right that we cannot, and we will not, sweep this under the rug. Although when you consider that the field turf is really a giant piece of outdoor carpeting - we do have a rug big enough. ;-)

On the other hand almost everything that is not life or death is fodder for a good joke.
Not that the one above is a good joke, but…

Humor lessens the stress level surrounding mistakes of this sort, and allows our fans (and our own staff for that matter) to criticise us and offer suggestions without feeling like they are nagging.

I’m looking forward to your reports on how we did improving the concession service on the 24th.

Cheers, Bob.

I agree that we need a good dose of humour every day, or we run the risk of becoming much poorer from the lack of it. My feelings are that this situation has been presented in "too light" a fashion. Thank you again for addressing this.

aliens!..predator was better…atho AVP didnt live up to expectations…lol