Yesterday's game?

C'mon, Eskie fans!!! Why do I have to go to the stumps forum to talk about the HUGE Eskimo victory last night, over calgary? I know it wasn't pretty, but it's alot prettier than going down by 4 points in the standings this early to the stumps.

Overall, this squad is looking good to me. Almost 800 yards passing in 2 games for Ray, with a 75%+ completion percentage, not only indicates that Ray is in top form, but that the new O-line is performing very well. I really didn't see Ray under alot of pressure last night, against a front 7 that calgary seems to think is very good. The 2 sacks that calgary did get were coverage sacks, as it seemed to me that Ray had plenty of time to throw the ball, but couldn't find anybody open. He certainly wasn't picking himself off the grass all night long. These 2 games go a long way towards answering the biggest question regarding this years Esks squad. 3 retirements from the O-line, and it seems that they haven't missed a beat. Plus, rumours are that Lefsrud will be back in the lineup by July 20!! Great news!!!

My 2 main questions are... How on Earth can this defense allow recievers like Copeland and Lewis wide open, late in the game, when calgary is on a 3rd and long gamble? Copeland should have been double covered under those circumstances; not wide open. It cost them the game last week, and could have cost them the game this week, if not for a timely interception by inconsistent Burris. 2nd question... Why did we go to all the trouble of acquiring Troy Davis, if we aren't going to change our game plan from last year? 40+ pass attempts, and Troy runs the ball a half dozen times a game. It's not like we were trying to overcome large defeciets, with not alot of time left, and Troy has a good average when he is allowed to carry the ball. Not all secondaries are going to be as porous as calgary's, so I would have like to see Troy with the ball more.

Anyways, bring on the Bombers next week!! I smell another victory!!!

dont worry warner...our D kept them to 1 TD in 2 games..yes it was a moronic how cope was open tht late in the game but imk not worried..did u see summersell destroy burris on tht hit...and i agree we need to use davis alot more..

Another sweet observation from last night was how our D shut the door on Nik "loudmouth" Lewis, and limited him to 1 catch for 7 yards. At least we can go 1 week without having to listen to who Lewis thinks he's going to force into retirement from calgary's next opponent, lol.

LOL....gotta love it...and copeland with his '' i wanna be rany moss so bad fro''

I also enjoyed the little Burris/Rambo hissy fit on the sidelines, after Burris's excellent interception late in the game. There's good team chemistry for ya!!

Instead of our offensive plan being "take what the defense gives you" for the past half year, and the first quarter of yesterday's game, I was very happy to see us go mid-long range passes w/ tucker. Troy Davis should be used more often instead of the short 5 yard pass that we saw ever so much of in the first half. I think Hervey has to be utilized more effectively, he's a great deep threat, but the esks keep on giving him short passes. Ray's 800 yards, 4 TDs, 1 INT, 75+% completion is nothing short of incredible! Richard Alston played a great game in place of Trevor Gaylor. I'd expect this swap to be continued for next game. Pat woodcock dressed for the game and was on the sidelines all game, but didn't get into one single play(sort of unusual). The offensive line is playing phenomenal for how short of time they've been together, I'm very impressed.

The defense played pretty solid, keeping calgary to field goals in the red zone. But I'm a little disapointed how they continually gave up big plays- both running and passing- over the past two games.Craver and Garret look solid. Frank is playing decent, but Durden got burned for lots of yardage yesterday. When A.J. Gass returns, look for our run and short-mid range pass defense to improve.

I'm a little disapointed with special teams as well. Field goal wise, Fleming is having a slow start to the year(hopefully he will pick it up). His directional punting was good yesterday(except for his shanked 20 yarder). Look for Rodney Williams to be cut soon. TNT had a couple of decent returns, but nothing spectacular. He seems to have lost a step since last year(maybe he's not completely "game ready" yet?).

Prediction for next week: A solid effort by the eskimos passing offence once again(300+ yards, at least 2 TDs), 75+ yards rushing for Troy Davis. The entire offence begins to look more and more like the one that one the grey cup last year.

EDM: 27
WIN: 17

I'm always amzed hope open Tucker got on a few plays. He made good catches at the right time for you guys.

Prediction for next week: A solid effort by the eskimos passing offence once again(300+ yards, at least 2 TDs), 75+ yards rushing for Troy Davis. The entire offence begins to look more and more like the one that one the grey cup last year.

EDM: 27
WIN: 17

No chance that Davis picks up over 75 yards Winnipeg's Defence is for real. If Ray stays focused and picks them apart play by play and doesnt try for the big play they will win.

If they come out gunning for the big plays they are going to have to come from behind late.

Edm 16
Winn 14
and it will be the least exciting game of the week.

I know the other forum is dead eh. I think they need to update their forum as well and make it more attractive like the Oilers site. IMO
I think Troy will start getting the Ball more DM said himself he'd like to get the ball to him at least 20-25 carry's a Game now that we know Rays back into his Previous Form, they'll work more on the Running Game this week. A Balance Attck is what wins Football Games.
What about Taranta and the Argo's Ricky Williams does not seem to be helping them none. When he came into their camp it was like oh Ricky.W oh wow he's gonna win us Games Single Handely. NOT.
Go Esks Go