Yesterdays Cuts

I'm all over Jamaica Rector and Zac Champion if I'm a member of the Argos brass, not to mention some of the other notable names from that list. Perhaps a Lyle Green or Adam Braidwood might also be worth a serious look.

Rector wouldn't be bad, especially considering the lack of depth Toronto has at WR. Pretty sure Braidwood is on Edmonton's PR.

PR players aren't off limits, Toronto could take him if they put him on their active roster and the eskimos aren't willing to.
Not 100% sure on the rules but it goes something like that.

Braidwood has done nothing for the past two seasons. The Argos have plenty of receivers as good as or better than Rector. And if Champion couldn't beat out Cody Pickett, he is not worth looking at.

Couldn't agree more !!

Toronto has Jermaine Copeland and... Well, that's kind of it. The rest look like a bunch of no-names. :lol:

Have you actually seen any of them play? It's easy to say guys are no-names and therefore not players -- at one time no one had heard of virtually every star player who has ever played in the CFL. I like the Argos' receiving corps just fine and will wait to see them actually perform before condemning them as worse than Jamaica Rector.

Exactly, only one experienced CFL reciever means theres always room for more IMO.

....Likewise......A lot of edm. receivers, like Rector for instance, look like stars, because they have Ray throwing to them....Now if the argos can locate a qb. of that stature ,they''ll be on to something....I'm not saying that a qb. like Champion (given a little more work) or Lemon ain't it....but it's safe to say the qb.s in argoland have their work cut out for them....we shall soon see.... :wink:

They sure do papa. . . not only is the receiving corps questionable at this point, but it really won't matter how good or bad they are if the Argos' offensive line isn't a heck of a lot better than they were last season. Lemon's the starter, at least for now, so they'll have to give him time in the pocket because he has a very steep learning curve in terms of reading the defence, what with all the motion allowed in the CFL which he's never had to deal with before.

The line personnel might be largely the same, but the coaching is different. Every player interviewed so far has indicated that the coaching staff is taking a much more aggressive approach to getting the team prepared for opening day (of course, what else would they say?)
CFL-savvy coaching can only help in this situation

I agree. They we figured Chiu and Lambert were done after 2007, they replaced that horrible Oline coach Miller and the Oline was regarded as the best in the league for the last two years.

Agreed, except it was Charlie Carpenter as the O-line coach in 2007, not Miller (who was assistant HC and in charge of another position which I can't recall at the moment).

The Copeland addition is just plain...SWEET!!! But who's going to throw to him?