GO ESKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eskimos NFL-style offense comes through.

What was with all the fumbles?

Higgins' wife shouldn't be handing out her famous butter cookies in the Stamps locker room before a game!.

Yo steve-o we still Eskimo killas



ESKS FOR GREY CUP '05(after BC)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well done

I'll join in this! Nothin like shuttin Nik Lewis up! YEahhhhh!!!!! GO ESKS!!

Nik Lewis is a twit.

Even all of Calgary wants him to shut his yapping cakehole.

You can not deny Lewis his time in the spot light he is still a good weapon. He will learn about being to cocky but his attitude will never change. The Stamps lost this not because of Nik Lewis.

Comgradulations Eskie fans, the team came together with a supurb effort under the leadership of Maas. I am glad for Maas he has been a class player and has shown who should be the number one QB for the Eskimos.
Good Luck the rest of the way!

Hey Steve-O, still mad that the Roughriders got to play the playoffs in the "Oh-so-much-weaker" division?

Trivia question: Name the only team that did not turn the ball over last weekend...

...Nik Lewis....great player with big talent....but an even bigger mouth....he'll learn when to shut up....did anyone see him flip the bird to the Esks. bench.....lucky he didn't get flagged...

I hate it when people call one division the weakest. Montreal was ahead of the Riders by two games in the standings. Small, but Montreal had the advantage, ans they sure showed that to the Riders yesterday.