And yet another nail biter in Edmonton!


Garbage, Winnipeg should have won.



Too bad that the BBs lost but it was a great game! a ture East (Win) Vs. West (Edm) all star match up! WAAHOO!!!

there are still some things I'd like to chge abou this league, OT points, extend the Singles, more Rubgy game, etc. but I LOVE THE CFL!!!


Edmonton offense played like crap, Winnipeg offense played like crap, Edmonton defense was outplayed by Winnipeg's. Unfortunately, sport is all about who capitalizes more on their opportunities, and Winnipeg came just short. I'd have liked to see The Peg win, but I suppose I don't always get what I want. In the end, it's the score on the board when the clock hits zeros that matters. Kudos to Winnipeg, though! They did play better than Edmonton, in my opinion.

If Ryan could have got a better punt off at the end there and/or their defense would have stopped them on 3rd down. Those were 2 blown chances.

And that is why CFL is the best football around!
In the NFL you would never see a regular season game that exciting.

Great game. I would have preferred a Bomber victory, but it really doesn't matter to me after seeing an exciting finish like that.

the offenses didnt play like crap, the defenses played awespme

No the offenses played like crap for sure. Did an offense score any points?

yes, i beleive FGs count as offensive TDs were scored cuz of some great D, some bad O at times, but mainly great D

They got some points off of field goals, brother. :smiley: but no team’s O scored a TD! :shock: 8)

When was the last time your offense kicked a FG? I sure know the Riders dont :?

Westwood got one tonight I believe

??? wow

troyboy... i cant handle him! LOL he still missed one kanga kucha! or was it 2?!! mothertrucker! WATCH OUT TROY!!! HAHAHAHAHA :twisted:

That my brother! :lol: 8) (joking about the kk thing)

Though come to think of it, Greene could prob hit more FGs than McCallum

Winnipeg did not deserve to win. As a matter oif fact, they were darn lucky the Esks kept shooting themselves in the foot to let Wimnnipeg hang on by the skin of their teeth.

Ray gave Winnipeg a free touchdown without even being pressured, and instead of scoring a touchdown Tucker thought it would be better to drop the football oin the 5 yard line for the for the hell of it.

Ugly,ugly game. But I guess every team has one of those every once in a while.

eskjebus, are you out of your mind??

Hey Kanga, both are in the west