Yes, yes... I dropped the ball.

For the technical members of the forum… the DNS server entry on our servers was pointed at a third party that it shouldn’t have been… it was find for when the box was first set up… and then became “not fine”.

I’ve changed the setting - and all should be hunky dorey again.

Have a wonderful day. :smiley:

Don’t you just hate when that happen!

I had the similar problem the other day, when… when… uhhhh… when I backwashed the pool, and… uhhh… it wasn’t fine when the box pointed at my third neighbour, but… uhhh… you know… all these… things… you already talked about…

[Damn, where’s the guy who speak LOTR languages when we need him?]

Non-techie speak: the thingy that turns names (like into numbers (like was pointed at the wrong place (from when the machine was installed in a different place)… and when the owners of the “wrong place” saw a lot of lookups coming from where they shouldn’t… they blocked us… and the server virtually stopped…

Kind of like if you were following directions to get to a friend’s place - and halfway there all the street signs became blank…

It’s now pointed at the right place… so the street signs aren’t blank… and, uh, you don’t have to backwash your pool water (ick).

Time for the wet noodle lashing…

Bring it on. :wink:


here i am Third and Ten

how long did it take you to learn LOTR language?.. and why did you wast your time learning it?

bout an hour, i only know the alphabet, im not that crazy.

I was just about to suggest that as being the problem Ron…

Excuses why I didn’t tell you::

  1. Forgot to calll you

  2. Pet Rabbit ate phone wires making a phone call impossible

  3. Wanted you to have the credit

  4. All of the above


ok… I’m no longger sure what this thred is about… someone want to fill me in?


ok just wondering… and might i say thanks for nothing

Sure - I forgot to check something when the system was updated… and then that something went bad. Like ham that goes fuzzy…

mmmmmmmmmm…fuzzy ham…


ive never seen fuzzy ham… hmmm… i asume its greenish

green eggs and ham?

ever seen rainbow roast beef?