Yes we need Kicker

Yes we need a Kicker here is list of Who out there in FA and the Draft.

FA Kickers

14 Alix, Anthony K N 5’11 189 29 St. Francis Xavier
39 Early, Ray K I 6’0 200 23 Furman
15 McCallum, Paul K N 5’11 185 46
17 Palardy, Justin K N 5’11 200 27 St. Mary’s (Canada)
O’Neill, Hugh K N

20 (-) Quinn Van Gylswyk K/P UBC Victoria, B.C.

He the 20th top Rank Prospect by CFL Scouting

Please I am sure The cats have a plan

You forgot Swayze Waters...

Signed with NFL Panthers Today

Dave Stala lol

Yes, the plan is too miss a few extra field goals and PATs in order to save $100 grand or so by not having to pay Medlock. Then you will hear Austin's post game interview after game 4 and he will be quoted as sayin, "I gotta fix this kicking game". :stuck_out_tongue:

Medlock can’t punt in a Strong Wind

If Hugh O'Neill can stay healthy hes a great punter if nothing else. Maybe the draft? I dont know if theres a Paredes hiding in there somewhere

Van Gylswyk from UBC is draft eligible this year.

He is very good Kicker

Sign O'Neil to punt and sign a import FG kicker.
Won't be tough to find at all!
Medlock was not a punter and actually did cost us a couple games with crummy late game punts.

Heard Grant Shaw (with the EE I think) floated out there as a possible trade target. Probably not as accurate and may have trouble dealing with the "wind tunnel" at THF, so maybe not an option.

I'm sure Austin has someone in mind now that Swayze Waters has signed on in the NFL if they can't find a good young kicker out there maybe bring in a vet like McCallum, or a player out of retirement like Luca Congi, as long as we get a good reliable kicker.

Wow what a power shift, with the Cats and my Argos having for the last few years the best FG and punting games now it's the worst.

The circle of life, my friend, the circle of life. :wink:

That should only be plan B. Having an import kicker ties up an import roster spot that could be used to create depth elsewhere. Medlock was an exceptional FG kicker, even among imports, so the tradeoff was arguably worth it to have him.

They might get a decent Canadian kicker through the draft. If things don't work out and they get desperate toward the end of the season, they could give Paul McCallum a call (or a journeyman import if it came down to it).

8) Oh "BIGCAT", don't even mention that name Luca Congi in Hamilton :twisted: Biggest joke we ever had !!
   We should re-sign O'Neil as our punter, and if no good field goal kicker can be found, I would have a look at Canadian
   Paul McCallum,  even if he is 46 !!  (just reaching his prime)     <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->   He is ok until a better person is found.

   He is accurate from 35 in and he would come at a decent price !!

I was also thinking Shaw as a possibility considering that the Eskimos did re-sign Whyte recently. Shaw would be better then what we have right now on the roster which is nobody, and he did get traded to the Eskimos for Ricky Ray of all things. I wonder what it would take for us to pry him away from the Eskimos and give him a shot along with a possibly re-signed O'Neill ? I'm also curious as to the possibility of bringing back Brent Lauther who was here for a few seasons as Medlock's back-up and apprentice and if I'm not mistaken did get into a few games with us but spent most of his time on the PR.

Shooting in the dark here, no idea if these guys are garnering any NFL attention but they both had solid NCAA careers.

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Some decent kickers in the CIS right now as well, mostly underclassmen it seems though.

How about Canadian Kicker/punter Brett Lauther who was once a Tiger-Cat and on the roster behind Justin Medlock in 2014.

Lauther was signed by the Argo's in Oct 2015 behind Palardy he's a national player and only around 25 years old and currently on the practice roster of the Argos.

With the Argos signing K/P Lirim Hajrullahu this week and the departure of Swayze Waters, Lauther could another available possibility?

I see that all of the new additions to the Cats' roster, with the exception of Osei-Kusi have been assigned numbers and #13 will be worn by Demond Washington. That's a pretty good sign that O'Neill is not part of the '16 plan.