Yes! Vancouver will have Grey Cup Parade in 2011!

It's great to see that Vancouver will be having a Grey Cup Parade for the 2011 Event! :slight_smile:

they're truly getting into the whole spirit of the Grey Cup!! :rockin:

"truly getting into the whole spirit of the Grey Cup!!"
You must not have been there in 2005. The only other time I saw the city that rockin' was during the Olympics.
Also I'm pretty sure we had a parade in 2005.

ok, well i thought that they didn’t have one?

Im gonna be there next year, I can promise you that!

Really like your parades, eh? :lol:

Hey everybody loves a parade :smiley:

Not sure where the idea came from (Toronto?) that there shouldn't be a parade, but it's relatively cheap entertainment that grabs a lot of attention.