YES! Read 'em and weep boys....

...Reynolds remains a Stamp....

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Great news ! JR is the man !

...i just can't see Joffrey playing anywhere else.....good signing for the stumps.. :wink:


Great for the Stamps, bad for the rest of the league. I hate seeing Reynolds chewing through our defense. :thdn: :wink: :wink: :lol:

Ah . . . I fear him not!

We will have Reynolds wrapped this season. :wink:

Age will soon catch up to him, like all other running backs. Stamps don't utilize him propery anyway.

i find its amazing that the stamps are more known for as a passing team, but the running game still gets 1000 yards a season. wouldnt it be something if he played for a team that was more run orriented then the stamps.

Its not as rare as youd think. Teams that get labeled "passing teams" are able to go that way because they have the support of a very strong running back that forces LBs to adjust to the play on the fly rather than teeing off on the pass. It is much easier to throw the ball when there is a legitimate threat in the backfield on every down. After the QB the RB is the next most important singular piece to any offense (followed closely by the centre)

...because being the top rusher for two consecutive years and placing second or third for a few years before that is DEFINITELY not utilizing him properly....

LOL, yes, his last sentence is way off the mark.

But he does have a point, the shelf life of running backs in the CFL is relatively short compared to most other positions.

I don't know if I'd say they don't utilize him properly, but it seems like every year they take a while working him into the offence. Or for a small period during the season, they'll forget all about him, and the team will start to struggle.

But when the Stamps remember they have him, he's probably the best back in the league.

Yeah, no kidding. What do fans want, Reynolds at QB? :lol:

I think Reynolds works very effectively in Cortez's system and helps make the zone read a potent weapon in Calgary's arsenal.

...I removed the part about not adding to the discussion as stallion's comment clearly has...MJ, I don't disagree with the first part, but it sort of goes without saying doesn't it?....

You would have thought so. . .