Yes or No to an October Grey Cup?

Do we as fans want an October Grey Cup?

Vote Yes or No and state your reasons.

I vote a resounding NO NO NO NO NO.. November is the month where the CFL shines from the Playoffs to the Big game. All part of the fun is seeing some games on a snow covered field.

I vote NO

I vote no. Apart from having a season that starts relatively close to Canada Day, not having any winter during the season takes something away from the festival and competing with the NHL, NBA and NFL are beginning their seasons and the MLB playoffs are going on does the ratings no favors.

I vote N.F.W.

NO NO NO....November belongs to the CFL, just like October is MLB and May/June is NHL. Attendance is good , TV numbers are great. I know the lure of US$$ is there, but remember CFL......remember who your core customers are and who pays the bills. The last time the CFL tried going headlong into the US market, it didn't work out very good!

I don’t think it’s necessary. Maybe 1 week but not a month , it’s not really that bad , weather wise, and you can have just as bad a day at the end of October, so I don’t think you want to fool around with tradition.

...moving it ahead by a month also puts training camp ahead by a month and for the prairie teams that time of the year is still very susceptible to snow/sleet/ice....

I voted no. I don’t know if would be bad for the league playing the finale in late October but I’m just fine with the season finale being played near the end of November.

In a word.... NO!!!!

If it's not broken, why fix it?

I believe the whole idea is to get more people into the stands for the colder weather games late in the season. While the Grey Cup game typically sells out, the late season games haven't. You would have to hold them all in Regina to sell out. Sad but true. None of this years semi final or division final games sold out for example. None of them.

This is a problem.

Moving up 2 weeks, maybe. Moving up a month, no.

You must have missed the last Rider home playoff game. It was not sold out.

I genuinely think moving the season up one month would do wonders for in-stadium attendance.

Out west, maybe. I don't really think the weather in Ontario is bad enough in the fall to keep people away from games.

I feel like games falling on the same day as Stanley Cup Final games would be TV ratings and attendance disasters, particularly if a Canadian team makes the finals. Also, having playoff games or the Grey Cup potentially falling on the same day as a Jays playoff game seems like a recipe for disaster.

I think everything is fine how it is now.

Maybe you're right. However, I wonder how it would affect TV ratings. Yes, less competition than in the late fall, but also less viewers - people watch less TV in the late spring, early summer - just ask the NHL.

I'll start by saying I have been to every Grey Cup since '92 (yes, this was #25!!). My first reaction to this was an astounding NO!!! Then I thought about it. Honestly, when you remove the emotion from it (i.e. "...but it's ALWAYS in November...") there are probably just as many (or more?) advantages to moving it up a month than leaving it where it is.

Arguments for staying in November:

  1. Tradition. But you know what? The NHL "traditionally" only had 6 teams. Also, while I was growing up NHL teams "traditionally" wore white at home. Traditionally the CFL had two game total point playoffs, and African Americans traditionally drank from segregated water fountains. Sometimes to move forward you need to break with tradition and make new traditions - with new fans - because quite honestly the "traditional" fans in the CFL are dying out.

  2. Some say the CFL "owns" November. OK, so there aren't any other "championships" in November but the NHL, NBA, MLS, CIS, US College and NFL are all going full bore. The only one that is over is MLB. Put the Grey Cup the weekend after the World series and you're in the same boat.

  3. April training camps / pre-season can be wet & cold too. True, but traditionally it's much warmer in April than it is in November - in EVERY city in the CFL. People also want to get outside in April/May. They've been cooped up all winter.

Arguments for moving to October:

  1. Better weather in every city. No further explanation needed.

  2. Grey Cup festivities are almost ALWAYS inside (or inside a heated tent). Ever been to the Super Bowl in a warm city? You should try it sometime. Lots more to do OUTSIDE.

  3. Potential higher revenues from additional ticket sales, and television. More exposure for the teams and league.

  4. The most important reason: The league wouldn't do it if they didn't think it would GROW the game and the revenues. They won't make this decision lightly, they'll do their homework. Remember, they are trying to grow the game - not maintain status quo. It's their money on the line and if they think it's the right thing to do, I can support that. If it doesn't work out, oh well. I am happy to follow them back to November.

How do you think it would affect TV ratings? We would lose November, when people are inside and watching sports, and add to June, when people are outside and the last thing on their mind is what's on T.V.

While I'd hate to lose the snow games in the playoffs, I acknowledge that there's a silver lining.

You'd have outdoor football to watch practically all year round. There'd be like a two month offseason.

I believe this has to do with an US tv deal. They want more games, but not at the expense of American high school or college football. ESPN want games in June.

I would only move it up 2 weeks.
That about as far as I would go.

The weather is not the CFL problem it's a red herring argument .

You think Toronto's problem for attendance is weather?

Ottawa sold out .

Calgary never sold out for Labour Day when It's nice out ?

Winnipeg's attendance in the summer flat lines same with the play off it just never really had taken off despite the better record . The weather has nothing to do with it except for walk up sales .

I'm with J5V and Vermonteer on this one. Mostly because of sitting at the last rider home game against the Esks was so cold and the stadium had nowhere near the same feel to it, being 20% empty, as would a warmer night have. Look at Calgarys last home game. Lucky if 10,000 were there, and 5,000 at the end of the game. My main thing, being a fan of both leagues, is another month of football on the tube every year. The end of the season is always a downer also, would be much easier to take than the current start of the winter doldrums on top of it. All IMO obviously. Most summer games are during the week anyway so the cottage thing doesn't hold true for the June games to start the year.