Yes or No - Can we beat Montreal Sunday

Let start a simple yes or no thread here.

Yes - we can Beat Montreal and will

No - we cannot beat Montreal.

I say YES.....

I think so. :wink:

So a Yes....

Awesome... We have 2 yes's so far. hehehe

There is NO WAY that this pathetic excuse of a "team" has any chance against the Als.

OK the score is now 2 for 1

2 - Yes

1 - No

No. If you can't handle captain armpunter and his 3 play offense, you can't handle the #1 offense defense and overall best team in the CFl. No way.

Two chances slim and none.Put me down for NO :roll: :roll:

2 - Yes

2 - No


Actually it's 2 yes, 3 no :wink:
Just helpin ya out

Mistake eveyone.

3 - NO

2 - YES

Yes, we can beat Montreal on Sunday. Will we beat them? No.

3 - YES

3 - NO

Didn't you pay the $1,500 for the "experience package" to travel with the team to Montreal this weekend?

If MB starts Glenn we have a chance. I say Yes.
Doc 8)

Unfortunately I did but, I am not going to Montreal to watch this team get the crap kicked out of it, why waste the time on this "team".


Can we? Yes
Will we? Maybe

I have stated that if we win this game I will drink a cup of coffee made by my bf. I hate coffee :lol:

Yes, that's why they play the game, anything is possible and I think it's very possible

If MB starts Glenn and the rest of the team shows up to play, yes, I think your Cats are very capable of beating my Als on Sunday. However, your success, I believe, will be predicated on turning the game into a defensive struggle, as IMO Hamilton does not have the offensive firepower to go toe to toe with Calvillo & co. in a shootout. The Cats can win. Whether they will win is another matter. I'd like to see the defense come up with some big plays and the entire team play as if the last blowout loss to the Als is FRESH in their minds.

Everyone has to perform, the D has to keep Calvillo out of rhythm, and you need to at least break even, if not win the special teams battle.

Can we yes will we not if we keep this train wreck rolling we have to stop this train in it's tracks ....and start on a new track ....Now this week at not next week or in the off season now or never ..If they can take all the heat this week and get mad and play with some emotions i believe we can do alot ...

It is a game of emotions .......