Yes! A player has finally called a spade a spade in Winnipeg

Good to see someone standing up and telling it like it is, even if he’s from an opposing team.

Mike Kelly doesn’t think Otis Floyd is smart enough to be a Blue Bomber 'cause he doesn’t have a degree? Since when does a degree have anything to do with having football smarts?

And none of Kelly’s decisions so far this season has made him look like any kind of football genius, either.

I miss Otis Floyd :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

He tells it like it is.


I miss him too. Love the trash talking and energy he brought with him. He told it like it is. Kelly looked like a moron all year and Floyd said what we've all been saying on this very forum all season long.

Calling a spade a spade, eh?

I've always preferred to call a spade a trowel.

'Doesn't have a degree'? That has to go down as the weirdest and most obscure trash talk in a long while.

nice job Floyd! love it when someone tells it as it is! :slight_smile:

Red and White had a post up briefly about the same subject and I liked his subject line better. It was; UFC 109 Kelly vs. Floyd. Wish I woulda thought of that.

Kelly may be a spade, he may be a trowel, one thing he ain't is a head coach. (He's just impersonating one.)

Mike Kelly whole carreer is littered with failures and he still can shut his yap LOL! Last week he's walking around with a cup making fun of his fine, than going on radio and saying bull-caca, bull-caca,,, you can't fine me... This week he get's in multiple scraps with one of the biggest trash talkers in the leauge. The man is a danger to himself.

At least we won't have to hear from him till April or May.

Oh, I'm sure he'll be good for a headline or two before next spring. . .

"Well, does Otis have a degree? I doubt it. We'll just leave it at that."

Wow... he sure burned Otis. Kelly 1; Otis 0... :lol: What an embarrassment to the league this guy is... and sadly, he's too dumb to just bow out like he should.

You can always use the spade and bury Kelly in the end zone somewhere!