finally, in my life I will not see an Eskimo on the field in November!..

Howdy Duty and his shmoes are done like toast just like I said a month ago! I am choked! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


May the :lol: :lol: Eskimos rest in :lol: :lol: peace

Toronto sweeping EDMONTON in a 2 game series. When was the last time that has happened and the ARGOS did it in EDMONTON?

No EDMONTON in this year's GREY CUP!

I am ecstatic...the Eskies are finally done...well and truly done...couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of guys.


In 2004 the Argos won both games against Edmonton.

Oh well, your team can’t always be successful and the streak had to eventually. I’m looking forward to the changes in the off-season, but until then… I’ll just go watch the oilers.

Just don't be too disappointed if the changes do not include the coaches.

Well , it is a N.A. all PRO team sports record to be very proud of.

:thup: :thup: :thup:

And it was also a great , exciting game like last night was. :thup:

Thanks for your information. :thup:

uh, last season? 2005?

Late in the 3rd on a direct snap, why didnt the Eskimos challenge the spot of the football? If they got a more favourable spot , maybe they could have kept the drive going, seems to me when your season is on the line you have to try everything, and the spot was not challenged. IMO, I believe he had enough for the 1st down.

nope… his knee went down behind the first down line…

Oh well. Things don't always go your way.

You know it had to end sometime. I'm definately looking foreward to the off-season. Until then, maybe they can get Steven Jyles some reps.

I'll just go watch my Falcons of the NFL, and in 2 weeks, my Lakers and the NBA start up again. Good luck to The Bombers, The Als, The Argos, The Riders, The Lions, and the Stamps in your quest for a Grey Cup.

I'm hoping Maciocca is gone for next season, but I have a feeling they'll keep him as head coach and bring in someone else to run the offence. Hervey, Mitchell, Frank, Garret, Mobley, and Gass will all be question marks because of their age. Woodcock and Gaylor haven't lived up to their potential this season and Joe McGrath and Kabongo have flat out destroyed many offensive drives this season. I expect big changes at receiver, linebacker, and possibly fixing up our defensive backs and offensive line.

Yeah, I noticed too that Muchacho should have tried a few challenges (the above turnover and 3rd down gamble that came up short) especially with the dire straits that team was in. They were very close calls which could have went the other way (see Sask-Mtl game last night). When you are fighing for your very playoff lives, those challenges should be automatic. At the least, they would give you a timeout period and give the team time to collect themselves.

Your gonna cheer for the Stamps now right! I mean Eskie fans have never had to worry about this? Or at least since 1971. By the way that record is something to be proud of.

The ball is not spotted at the knee. Its spotted uh, at the ball. That is why you see players stretch out their arms with the ball

I agree , even if they lost the challenge, you have to try everything. Cflisthebest said his knee was down behind the 1st down marker, but officials are known to give generous spots of the ball , and a challenge might have given the Esks that favourable spot. Why they didnt challenge the spot on that play is baffling to me, especially if even a few inches more and they could have had a 1st down.

I thought the flag should have been out on that one, for sure.
Oh well, he’ll have 8 months to dwell on all the might haves/should haves from this season.

I was amazed with the ARGO defence today! How many chances did EDMONTON get to blow out this game?

EDMONTON completely dominated the game stats. But THE ARGOS came through when it counted the most.

…Well it was a nice run the Esks. had…they can now look forward to a re-build…much like the Bombers had to do the last couple of years…Edmonton better start with a new coach…and get rid of Campbells son for starters…they will now have to be using salary-cap dollars and operate on an even playing-field to rebuild…GOOD LUCK… :expressionless:

I’m cheering against the stamps, riders, and BB’s now. I’m happy as long as they don’t win the GC.