Yep that's a little better....

Yes we played Winnipeg but the def played pretty good IMO...Sure Ac only threw 1 td but again the def played great! As long as of our def isn't hurt, next week in Toronto should be a walk in the park!

Still not convinced. Our D shut down Dinwiddie and the worst offense in the league. I want to see a similarly solid outing against a real offense led by a starting quarterback and not missing its top two receivers.

I’m really happy about this game. Yes, the Blue Bombers have been struggling on offense but they still have a pretty good D. Yet, the Als were able to score quite a few points on the road and are starting to go for the throat when they have the other team down.

So sure…I guess you could say that they have only beaten Winnipeg and Hamilton (who I don’t think is the worst team in the East with Williams at QB - they have demolished Toronto twice now), but it’s not like they were dominated in their 3 loses. I’ll give Calgary full marks for their win here in Montreal but had the Als not shot themselves in the foot, they would have beaten the Lions and the Riders.

Two things impress me more then the results or the plays.

1- Discipline...This team hardly ever takes a!

2- Every player is commited to the program. Not One "I" out of 60 some players.

Those two things tell me this team will get stronger as the season goes on.

We know that the Als have a great offensive team. However future games against top tier teams will show us what the defense has to offer. Last evening I thought Bowman and Sanchez played well and, the defensive rush was again effective.

I don't think it's a coincidence that Sanchez raised his game the week after Boulay, Cody, and the new import DBs arrived. He knows damn well his play has been subpar and this influx of depth will hopefully be the kick in the butt he needs to step up his game on a regular basis.

Excellent point discipline. Nothing like more competition to pull out the best in the players. At Sanchez's salary, he had better be looking over his shoulder.

Since Herb Z. is nigh useless as a reliable source of injury information, can anyone tell me when Mark Estelle is expected to return to the lineup? Also, what is Reggie Hunt's status? He suffered some sort of arm injury during yesterday's game and sat out for a few series while Spencer took his place. Is he good to go against the Argos? Is D'wayne Taylor healthy or just hidden on the IR for cap reasons?