Yellow Striped Jackets fans

Four Grey Cup going Ticat fans celebrate, salute and toast, the CFL Commissioner for Grey Cup Unite 2020. Reunion at Fernando's outback, three in Ancaster, one in Boston USA


Nice picture masks and no distancing....wonder where I can get one of those jackets😝

Wow, now that is a look! Cheers guys!

Call the local authorities have these people charged!

Oh my! Rather a “bold” look. By the way, what’s Don Cherry up to these days?:wink:

Could be okay if they are all in the same household. I like to think the best of people, until proven else wise.

Pretty sure I’ve seen these guys dolled up during Grey Cup weeks. I believe the two on the left are brothers, not sure if the guy on the right is related.
Killer suits though!

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Looks like a simple design, they almost look like lab coats (if they were white)...

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Pat, Nice to see that you are more than willing to scold me for my observation. Get off your high horse
and realize how little I care about your sanctimonious and condescending comments.

Schemenger (who cares how old you are)


"When someone shows you who they are , believe them the first time ." - Maya Angelou

Pat Lynch (the aged one who cares)