Yellow Soccer Lines

So for the 3rd time this decade, the Grey Cup was played on a field with stitched-in yellow soccer lines.

I know it’s not a big deal and I’m perhaps the only one mentioning this but why is Canada’s national championship of football being played on the equivalent of a high school practice field with multi-sport markings?

I mean, the grounds crew were tasked with covering the permanent Stamps and U of C with green paint and then painting the Bombers and Ticats logos overtop. Did no one think to use this removable green paint on the soccer lines to have a more professional presentation for the CFL’s showcase game?

Can someone from Regina tell me if the Riders were doing this this year with their stitched in yellow soccer lines? I thought I’d seen them removed in Regina but back for the league run West Final.

Like I said, no big deal I suppose but this is the kind of oversight that got last year’s Grey Cup played on a skating rink.

Presentation details like this can help the league elevate its profile.

I agree with this. It bothers me, both because it’s distracting and ugly, and because it upsets my obsessive compulsiveness to have a neat and tidy field. I’m only half joking about that.

I don’t mind it so much during the regular season, but for the playoffs and especially the professional national championship in which millions around the world are watching, why can’t the field be unsullied by superfluous lines? It’s a showcase. That includes the field. Please clean up the clutter.

i definitely hate looking at footy lines during a national championship

Good topic JT, I hate it with a passion.
Not only during last week’s GC, but anytime period.
It has no business being on a field.
Looks horrid live, on TV and is bush league.

Gotta agree with this issue.

And you know that soccer fans would be LIVID if the reverse happened.

Did anyone notice that “Mosaic” branding was (sort of) erased from midfield but clearly visit, but stadium crew put a Rider logo over it in the Western Final? That looked kind of odd…

The league takes the stadium over for playoff games. The Mosaic on field sponsorship is a club sponsorship not a league one. The league this year decided to mark the mid field with the home team logo. In the past they’ve used the league logo or a logo made for the specific playoff game.

I might be wrong but I could have sworn the Roughriders were painting their yellow soccer lines green for game days this year but the league neglected to do so for the league run West Final.

Yes, I am aware of the reasons behind it (league takes over, ergo their sponsors not the clubs). I just meant that they didn’t do a very good job “erasing” Mosaic. It was so visible, bordering on a distraction.

Yes this is a very good topic.
For Both McMahon & Percival Molson they share the stadiums that are owned by the Universities.
So those Universities use those stadiums for their Soccer teams as well.
So those university Soccer teams have to play games with football lines which is much worse.
As for Commonwealth in Edmonton they also own a CPL soccer team that play at Clarke stadium.
So unsure they would have yellow lines on the soccer field.

As for:
TD Place in Ottawa
THF in Hamilton
Have both owned or recently owned pro soccer teams.
When those venues are set up for pro soccer games.
Football lines are removed.
So why would Yellow Soccer lines remain for Football games?

THF removes all soccer lines for CFL games and football lines for CPL games.

I thought THF did but wasnt sure. Thanks for clearing that up as it makes sense

I will tell ya this. Hamilton has always had a similar rabid fan base the Riders in the recent years.
Now the have the stadium to go with it too.

They are putting MLSE to shame. With BMO field. Cant properly house a CFL & Pro soccer team equally.
Among other things.

Rogers Hogs Up Sky dome for just Blue Jays ONLY.
Being that is only one of two retractable roof venues in Canada. That has the seating the Amenities and upkeep & Renos to host OTHER major events. Indoors.

Yes this is why those fields have multi-sport markings. That said, if the CFL wants to step up its profile as Randy Ambrosie claims, small measures like this go a long way.

It should be mandated or strongly encouraged that the fields be marked exclusively for football on CFL game days. Where stadiums have permanent multi-sport markings (presently Calgary, Regina and Montreal), we know that temporary green paint can be applied to hide permanent markings. This can be immediately scrubbed off after the game. Clubs should take the initiative to do this and reach out to their landlords about taking responsibility for field maintenance and management in game day and returning the field the way it was found after the game.

It should be the league standard.

How is MLSE being put to shame over BMO Field?
How are they unable to house a CFL and MLS team equally?
And what “other things? are you talking about?

You make a lot of claims on these forums and don’t explain them. It’s irresponsible, and annoying.

The CFL is lucky that MLSE purchased the Argonauts, or else the Boatmen might not still exist right now.
MLSE did not build, nor does it own, BMO Field, so if you are referring to the end zones being too short, that is not on MLSE.
MLSE upgraded BMO Field extensively on their own dime.
And I have no idea what are the “other things? to which you refer.

I’m neither a fanboy nor a detractor of MLSE btw.

Mlse with all there zillions of Dollars cant or WONT allow the Arogos to play on a CFL ruled dimensional field.
18 yard ENDZONES!.
& YES THOSE EXTRA TWO YARDS Got the Argos a win on a missed field goal for a single! In a tied game the returner for the opposing team ran out of room in an 18 yard end zone and stepped out of Bounce. And the Argos win.
In a regulation field the returner wulda been able to get outa the endzone. Avoid the single and we get OT.
So stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

I remember the Argos LOSING a game this year when THEIR returner caught the ball at the back of the end zone and stepped on the boundary line - not the other way around as you describe.

And again, if MLSE CAN’T fix that end zone problem, how is that their fault?

As for sticking that in my pipe and smoking it, I’ll leave that to the forum moderators to address.

I will admit my mistake on it costing the Argos opposed to the other way around.
How is that MLSE Fault. They cant spend a few bucks to renovate Bmo by 4 YARDS to get a standard by rule Endzone at BMO for CFL. DUH.
Its Rogers that is the issue.
I wont explain that to ya. Figure that one out for urself.

Are you also gonna criticize every ownership group in the league for allowing end zones to be reduced from 25 yards to 20 yards back in the day? Did you criticize the teams that used to have rounded-off corners in their end zones back in the day? Are you going to criticize every team in the league – except the MLSE-owned Argonauts – for forcing players to play (and risk injury) on artificial turf?

Not very effective in solidifying your argument but…

…your assertion is right as it pertains to BMO and only BMO.

MLSE pushed the original architectural design despite the city’s requirement the stadium be useable for Canadian football originally. Someone was asleep at the wheel at city hall.

From wikipedia:
The proposal approved by the City of Toronto was for a stadium that was “capable of a conversion to afootballformat.”[13][30]TheArgonautsattempted to join the project at the last minute, but MLSE, citing budget and time limitations, constructed the stadium such that it could not fit a CFL field without demolition and reconstruction of the end zone stands.[30][31][32]

The renovation in 2014 was also botched accommodating 20 yard endzones but with insufficient runoff space for safety. The same thing happened in the 1980s with BC Place which shortened the end zones league wide from 25 to 20 yards.

I know the yellow soccer lines at Mosaic are actual yellow fibres. Maybe the painting of the yellow lines, does not work well. I know painting over yellow at home takes more than an average # of coats. Could it also be the cooler weather. Maybe with the cooler weather the paint wouldn’t cover well, or would not adhere properly. Could have players covered in green paint, or as the game wore on, yellow patches start to appear.

Mosaic did it because it is a community stadium that is used for university sports, and probably used it to help sell that it is a “community” multi use stadium.

As for the painting over of some centre field logos, that the league could have done a better job. It was nice to see the Rider logo at centre field for the Division final and the Grey Cup logo, but you could see pretty clear the old logo.

How are the yellow lines “bush” league. They are professionally done, and very exact and clean looking. Would I prefer them gone, yes, but bush league? Seriously? The most over used term affiliated with the CFL. Do people even know what “bush” league means anymore? Has the CFL traded some footballs and jock straps for a player recently??