yellow pants

well all i can say is that those yellow pants are a welcome addition to the uniforms this season, i can't wait to see them matched up with the blk. jerseys. these new pants are awesome,kudos to the cats and whoever is responsible for the striping-clever cause they are an exact match to the other two sets of pants making all colours of jerseys and pants interchangeable.

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looks good play awful :slight_smile: haha

Yellow pants, YES!! Now; yellow helmets and no cording {piping what ever} on our jerseys and we've the perfect uniform.

yellow is ugly, they should have a dark gold pants similar to the USC football pants. The Ticats should wear white helmets whenever they wear white uniforms, and black helmets with black uniforms.

no way, those yellow pants looked awesome! it perfectly matched there tops

the yellow pants didnt match at all and were poorly designed (notice the yellow on yellow with a very thin black outline on the top of the stripe) and I noticed some red in there...UGLY!!!...people need to stop praising uniforms because they are different or modern

the ticats needed gold pants, similar to usc gold and laker gold, that yellow pants, looked like somebody took a leak on their uniforms, they looked like banannas out there.

I like the yellow pants. More traditional. Only improvement would be to return to the unis from teh 70s

I really like the new pants...they are a mix of traditional and new...I'm not a huge fan of the "neck-tie" thingy on the sides but given the amount of biatching I did to Christopher Dean all the time (of course in fun, but serious too :lol: ), I think he came up with a good compromise.

They will look great with the home jerseys I believe also.

But make no mistake, wins are needed before we worry about uniforms..... :cowboy:

I don't know what they looked like on TV but in person, after I took my sunglasses off, they looked horrendous. Gold would be good, but that shade of yellow in not.

I agree that they should have matched the "gold" colour of the helmet stripe......

Perhaps they can re-order the pants next year with the correct colour and go back to the black stripe down the sides.....(ok, I know I'm asking a lot here.....but still ) :wink:

But kudos to Christopher Dean for at least listening to us fans....When I heard that Bob had poached him for another assignment in his growing empire, I e-mailed CD and said......"oh great!.....where does that leave my mission to get the pants back to the correct colour ??? " :lol:........he said, no worries Mikey, I took care of it.... :wink:

I miss Christopher Dean being around and I learned a lot of cool marketing stuff he taught us fans through example....