Yellow pants question

Will the move to yellow pants mean that the black jerseys will change from white numbers back to yellow numbers?

Is that why we wore white jerseys for the two pre-season games?

I think the reason they wore the white jerseys twice is because it is cheaper to use the same jerseys for a bunch of players who were going to be released after the second game anyways.

And after watching the game, I think the white jersey and black pant combo looks sharp. I don't know why everyone on this forum is so obsessed with those yellow pants.

Hamilton has the best uniforms in the league and when Reebok entered into the CFL licensing game, the company and ownership decided the team needed an update.

New ownership, new coaches and players (again!), so they gave them a new look! Makes sense to me!

I was ok with the black and white pants too.

The all white look with the white helmtes was surprsiingly cool last year.

any idea what uni's they will wear tomarrow??? i sure hope they do not use the black pant white jerseys.. that sthe ugliest combo, the white on white is nice

I love White on White, Black on Black and Gold on Black pants.

I really have no interest in the yellow pants either. I like the one colour look