Yelling at the fans

Did anyone see MAAS yelling at the fans in the fourth quarter after we scored the rushing touchdown?

I sit in box J right behind the ticat bench. As the game went along there were fans yelling to pull MAAS and put in EAKIN. Right after HOMES scored the TD in the fourth quarter MAAS came over to the sidelines and was yelling at pointing at the fans in the stands. He walked along the sideline and stopped again and repeated the yelling at the fans.

I could not make a single word he said but the expression on his face was intense. I do not condone any player yelling at the fans (paying customers) but it sure showed his passion, which I thought, was GREAT.

I think and hope that MAAS will do great things for this team for many years to come, I just hope he doesn't get that ticked off at the fans that he doesn't want to play here past his current contract.

I posted a Thread on this Earlyer
It was Deleted

It was Uncalled for for

Both The Thread Deletion and Maas

He was Using alot Four Letter Words
I won;t Name cause Kids use this Fourm.

He``s intense and I would get sick and tired listening to the morons that get on the players all the time . That is uncalled for as well and they should be told to leave .

Under no circumstances whatsoever should a professional athlete allow his emotions to cause him or her to start berating and swearing at the fans. Jason is a good man, but he needs to get his anger under control.

This just goes to prove that it is in fact us, in the south side stands, who are the cultured and better behaved fans with incredibly good manners.

:wink: :D

You knuckle dragging neanderthals over there across the field should hang your heads in shame!


(Having said that, I hope you guys in the north stands still give it good to the visitors bench! :twisted: )

Somebody called into the 5th Quarter about this. He sits right above the TiCat bench with his kids and his nephew.

He was pretty disgusted that his, and other, kids in the area had to listen to Maas cursing and swearing at the fans in the stands.

Then he said "As a season ticket holder, he might not be back next year". I can see his point if he wants to bring his kids every game.


If some of us model citizens in the North stands had an off night, it might have caused by the 4 billion insects that began to dive bomb us part way through the third quarter. Haven't seen anything quite like it in a few decades - it cleared out the top twenty or so rows of s8 by the mid-4th Q. The first game in my memory where everyone around me was hoping for rain to drive the bugs back to whatever swamp they came from.

BTW, not a complaint in any way, just a dispatch from up top.

I don't blame Maas. It's a home game and he has to put up with fans behind his own bench yelling negative comments at him? That's brutal.

Did he use the "S" word?


Maybe the tickets should have a disclaimer printed on them:

"Disclaimer: When the players are in the heat of battle during the game, they might occasionally swear on the sidelines or possibly at fans who toss objects at them or yell derogatory remarks at them. Yell at your own risk."

sounds good to me

Based on many moronic posts on this site from supposed fans, I empathize with Maas needing to blow off a little steam. There are too many people who feel it their God given right to constantly criticize, condemn and complain. I hope they can all get a life someday.

Good on Maas, I'm surprised he could keep his temper that low. There was no reason for anybody to get on his back last game. He put us in a position to win. Sure he made mistakes, but he's human, some of you seem to forget that. Let the guy do his job, let him focus on the task at hand, not the morons in the stand calling for his head.

The Funny Thing Is ...
We where Not Booing Jason IMO

The Play Calling on Series Before
2nd & 6 You Call a QB Draw

Of Course Where Going to Boo..

He a Pro QB
Fans Boo or Cheer as They See fit..
That what we Pay for..

Without Us He has no Job to feed his Family back in Edmonton ..

So Jason S U C K IT UP This Pro Football
Not Collage.

I'm not sure but I think I heard other people booing as well...not just Box J.

So, you non-Box J'ers...give your heads a shake.

Good post Mikey...Hang on, I sit in the North Stands :wink:

From what I've heard and also said, we certainly let the opposition know that they are intruding on OUR turf!!

And I guess that the real smart thing to do is lump an entire group of people together (everyone in box J) and call them names. Maybe YOU not everyone that sits around in your section needs to get a life. Try focusing your criticism.

It was very emotional night and game. With what has happened in the past month both the fans and players are very frustrated with the teams play and on and off field happenings. I think it is encouraging to see both the fans and players show their emotions - it shows they care. Without knowing exactly whta was said from both sides- I do not see a problem with yelling as long as it is not personal attacks. Fans have the right to boo and jeer players just as much as they have a right to stand up and cheer. And if fans have that right so do the players......Maas is an extremely emotional qauterback - this is one of the reasons we went after him and from what I remember many fans on this forum were excited to get him.
As for kids being is disappointing but should be expected chance you take when you take kids to a professional game. Fights happen, swearing happens, etc both in the stands and field. Use it as a learning and teaching experience for you kids on appropriate behaviour, good sportsmanship, etc. The people involved will have to deal with the consequences.