Come on Jeremiah. I’ve been betting on ya all year. Lots of people have. You can bring this home, homie. You can beat these guys. They’re scared of you and they know it deep down… Play the game of your life, Man. You’ve been wating for this day since June. This whole town can be yours. Here take it. Have it all if you can beat the Stamps today. Are you elite? Hell yes, and today you’re going out there to show it. There will be no doubt after this game that you are an elite QB in this league. One game and you can turn this league on it’s head this week. It’s in your hands and just as well on your feet. I know you’ll win. You’re Jeremiah Masoli. Best QB in the CFL.

Today is that day isn’t it? It’s his for the taking. The whole team for that matter.

Nobody started a prediction thread for this one and I think I can understand why.
I don’t predict a win, but I do have hopes of one today.

It might be that the most important game today, for the TiCats, is the one they aren’t playing in. A loss for the 2colours in Regina, I think, would set the Cats up pretty nicely for the games ahead before we go head-to-head with them in back-to-back late October games. While we play away-and-home vs. B.C. and then go to BMO again, they’ll face EDM twice, with a home game vs. WPG in between.

B.C. without Lulay as their QB! :wink:

Man, you were WAY off with this post. ;D

Embarassing. The Ticat giveth and the Ticat taketh away… Everything Calgary gave them, they couldn’t wait to hand it right back immediately. I’m not going to hang it on Masoli with no receivers. The whole team contributed in showing why they aren’t ready to win yet. They just can’t manage a lead. Their greatest enemy last night was success. Everytime they seemed to have it, they panicked and didn’t know what to do with it. It seemed as if it felt strange and uncomfortable to them. And this is at home not on the road. They looked like they were caught off guard by it. Like it was an accident that it was happening and weren’t really prepared for it. They had their chances and found a way to lose anyway. Weirdest game I’ve ever seen. At least we have a kick returner who went from hero to goat faster than he took one to the house. Unbelievable. Fighting for a meaningless extra yard instead of securing the ball. Yup. This is who they are.