The last thread about Craig Yeast was deleted as there were a bunch of petty member-vs-member posts going on.

It is one of the less understood reasons as to why we will delete threads. Not that any one post was bad, but when it takes too much of our moderating time to clean them up we'll just delete the thread.

Feel free to continue debating the Yeast story.

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But this time leave each other out of it, thanks.

Bring back Yeast...Premier special teams player
Fire Lancaster One 1-17 and two 2-16 in the Y2K years..And 1-6 start this year...Mr Lancaster is a major player in all 4!!

Lancaster stays..My season tickets go!!

Hopefully Yeast goes to the Argos, and burns the cats !!

All the best Craig!

Yeast should have been gone LAST YEAR.

You've got to think that after (or maybe even during) the game he said the wrong thing to either coach Lancaster or Coach Paopao. Maybe frustration got the best of him.

I also would have been very frustrated if I was Yeast. How many times does he return kicks and get ZERO blocking? Our special teams has always served his head up on a platter that way.

Too bad. I liked Yeast. But maybe this is an indication that the Ticat football staff think the year is over already? (i.e. cut great players rather than put up with their occasional attitude because their skills can no longer help us make the playoffs)

Guys got talent, but he "turtled" again. With the game over Mike "M" takes his licks to catch the ball. Craig cannot or will not take a hit over the middle. That dropped ball was a big play, and its a long established pattern.

Craig ,I wish you good luck and better hands on your next team.

I watched you walk off the field in the first half,you seemed upset and walked real slow.It didn’t appear you were injured .

edit;-now I recall,it was when a pass throw by Kevin was near you but not close enough for you to get,you looked totally upset at him and slumbered off the field.

Like Emms said ,you did this to Danny Mac too!Can’t do this Craig ,it’s a team game

Good luck!

yeast has in the past shown up his qb on the field.
it had to be something pretty bad for them to release him so quickly after the game like that.

See usually id be all over Yeast getting cut, but this year he hasnt really made any stupid plays or cut off his routes that i can remember. So im not lal behind this Yeast bashing for once. I'd like to know the precise reason he got cut because to my knowledge, no such reason has been given. Did he mouth off? take too many plays off? Bicker with another player? what?

rumour i heard was he had to be restrained by teammates something to do with lancaster or eakin.

The Axe had to Fall on Yeast
He had to do somthing to cause a Problem in the Locker room..

Craig and His Family are Nice People..
I do Wish them well
Maybe Flemming will or one of our other SB will get Chance to start..

As I've said many times here, the TiCat receivers are not very good except for Vaughan. Even Flick is just a slightly better than average player. The rest are just "guys"--pull one out, put one in. Yeast won't be missed least of all by the QBs.

An Argo fan

Make Mike M a starting Slot back, he will get us some first downs, lets cut some more of these ncaa bums(STAFF to) and play some Canadians with heart!

I believe someone corrected this statement last night in another thread that got deleted.

There have been no 2-16 seasons in the Lancaster era. In fact there has only been one in the team's history, in 1997.

For more details, see

What a surprise - another star player rashly cut when Ron Lancaster is the coach. This has been this tired old man's style for as long as I can remember. Someone tries to tell the truth on this team and you better get rid of him! I don't blame Yeast for whatever he did last night! AT LEAST he showed some emotion and he got cut for it!

The good news for Yeast is that he is free from this pathetic excuse of a football team and will find another team in the CFL to light it up with. I don't think he will care too much when he's in the playoffs and the Loser Cats are still trying to figure out how to put their jocks on properly. Chris Brazzell sure didn't seem too unhappy to be on the Bomber sideline last night did he? Keep your head up Craig, you will be in the same position soon enough!

I wrote 2 weeks ago that Morreale should be starting. One of the few who played with passion. Won't miss Yeast. No heart. Good riddance...

If Craig Yeast did something wrong during or after the game last night, a one or two game suspension would have been preferable to an outright release.

He did it last year as well.

Well you cant let a player be bigger than the team and that`s Yeast . He would not take a hit to catch a pass and the long ball thrown to him last night he refused to jump and fight for the ball the way recievers should .

He shows up QBS, yet when the ball isnt right in his hands and he doesnt work to catch the ball you dont see QBS showing him up do you ???

Im sad to see him go because he`s a good player he just doesnt have the heart to be a team guy . He said he would change yet he never did .

Yeast won't be going to any other team for the moment. He's not good enough for a coach to disrupt his own corps of receivers unless for injury. Even then, they'd be more likely to call up a guy from their own roster who'd know the plays, the guys, etc.

Yeast may get a look-see at training camp next year though but guys of his calibre are a dime a dozen.

An Argo fan

Some players have to go.
You have to start with the ones who ask for it.