ya so after 3 games ive been thinking arent we glad we didnt listin to alot of people on this site and trade, cut, or make yeast second string. A few weeks ago almost every thread was used to cut up yeast but he has been one of our only bright spots on offence besides vaughn.

True enough... I have been hard on the man but he has played well in the last couple of games. Good effort and his head is in it. :thup:


I’d still get rid of him. I don’t like his game, and I’m getting sick of his “sit down” move as the tackle becomes iminent. That was especially so after watching Ranek in the last game bust his ass play after play by putting his head down and driving forward to gain one, two or three yards and putting us in a postions to get first downs.

He's been off side, he's made Marshall blow a fuse in TO when he didn't go back in the huddle cuz he was too busy celebrating a non TD, he's run bacwards on punt returns thus losing yards.

He's made his fair share of mistakes as has most everyone else on the team.

Dude if theres anything ive learned with Morreale being my favourite player, its that you DONT point out the positives and throw it back in everyones face when he has a good game. You also dont reply in every thread that insults him...

Craig has played fine, does that make up for his attitude? unwillingness to take hits and awful punt returns? nope.

Am i backing off him cause we have bigger problems (kicker) yep.

I think that I have been Yeast's biggest detractor on this site, and even I am pleased with how he has played this year. Is there room for improvement? You bet. Is he capable of returning punts and kickoffs? Nope. Is he blocking downfield, running crisp routes, and making some tough(er) catches? Yup.

Shocking, isn't it?

I say we drop him because I'd rather score 0 points per game than 10 points per game.

I agree with this statement 100%. While I've asked for his dismissal a number of times due to attitude issues and that fact he dives like a soccer player, he is currently playing well from the reception side of things.


As a receiver he seems to be doing his job but I start to fume every time he returns a kick.

I've knocked him, but I admit he's been playing fairly well (aside from the returns... come on Craig - commit to a lane and run!)

Craig's disappointment for me has always been his failure to live up to his potential. Perhaps he's starting to do that?

I've always liked Craig Yeast. I think a lot of the knocks against him are unfair as the criticisms are way over-blown. It's almost taking on a life of it's own.
Sure, he seems hesitant on returns but I would too if I weighed 99 pounds soaking wet (ok, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but you get my point)

He is a great receiver who can turn on the jets after he catches the ball.

I think he's a dedicated Tiger-Cat and I hope he's here for years to come.....(and I predict a huge return for a TD soon!)

Thing is, he's shown us he can run them back with some authority, which is most frustrating.

If he's truly afraid, he shouldn't be playing football.

The coaches' dilemma is that without Holmes playing, there are no other alternatives, unless they free up a roster spot for a guy like Fowlkes. (though I suppose Quinnie might work too)

or maybe it isn't 'fear' per se but rather a belief he has that he can "break it" every time he gets the ball and is looking for that perfect's very easy to 'dance around' back there looking for the opening......who knows for sure eh?....

I used to love watching Wally Zatylny just put his head down and give'er!.....the guy was fearless!.... :lol: ...and when he did break one, his legs spun so fast it looked like the 'roadrunner' on those cartoons!

great memories! :stuck_out_tongue:

Only if the blocking gives him a clear path will he then run fast.

He has among the worst averages for punt returns and kick returns. He lacks the ability to make something happen.

was everyone saying cut morreale all offseason and cuttng him up for not trying. this is a thread to say way to go yeast keep up the work because we all know how many good threads there are supporting players on these forms. and man what are you talking about you shouldnt reply in "every thread that insults him" why not? we all know if someone cut up morreale you be right in there but so would almost everyone else so ya ill back up yeast if hes getting cut up for stupid shi*t.

I don't think cutting up yeast because he cannot return kicks is "stupid shit" it's an observation, and a very legitimate one.

As one of the "Yeast bashers" I'll agree that he's playing better this year. No one has ever argued the man isn't talented, but his attitude seemed to be holding him back. Maybe he's improved on it or maybe the competition in camp this year forced the issue.

im not talkin about him returning kicks. if you dont like that about him complaine to the coaches becasue ill agree he isnt alaways the best at it.

I know this will come as a shock, but I like Yeast. I think he's a talented guy and his attitude is completely different. I really enjoyed seeing him celebrate with Jason Maas after his TD catch at the home opener. Seeing him throw the ball into the crowd and the fans cheering him gave me a very Jerry McGuire moment. :wink: I have to point out that he did have a good punt return last game where he just ran straight on without wasting much time in the backfield.

What is the best cure for a yeast infection anyhow?