Yeast With Riders??

people over at are saying that craig yeast has signed with the riders, thoughts??

If this is true then you would have to say the RIDERS have depth at the reciever position,,,,,,, When is Richardson back?

Yeast is an okay pick-up.
Down the stretch, there is little point of bringing in a raw rookie, except as a look towards next year.

But I will say, get used to this.
A big difference between Roy and Eric.
The two oldest receivers we have now are Yo Murphy and Craig Yeast.
That isn't exactly building for the future, but it is how Tillman had success in BC.
Anyway, if Yeast wasn't good enough for Ronnie, and it was an effort, not talent, concern, I will need to be convinced.
Still, he is likely better than Kwame Cavil, the guy Roy was raked over the coals for last year for not trading to get when Dominguez went down....

If he plays anything like he did in Ham... I am not really all for it...but then again, give the guy a second chance, see how he performs. We have nothing to lose

As for Cavil, hes a hotdog like Copeland, I remember vividly how he made an ass of himself on National TV against the Riders..after scoring a touchdown..the camera pans to him on the sidelines and he says "Sorry Canada"!! you can hear another Mtl player whisper.. psst Kwame!!.. were in regina!!
Anyway the last laugh was on us, as we came back in the second half and won the game.

IMO, Roy made a smart move in avoiding him, it was not Roys style to bring in other teams rejects.

Like I said, right or wrong, Roy found fresh talent–his guys.
Tillman has a history of bringing in “vets”.
Of course he also shows loyalty to players like Yo, which is fine.
Yeast will need to prove himself.
I always thought he was a talented, but lazy player.
Like Cavil.
But once Dominguez, Richardson and French all leave, we will need somebody…

Sorry…I don’t mean to get too down on Tillman…I do intend to give him a chance…a second chance…and I will give Yeast that opportunity as well…but he is 30 years old…the clock is ticking…

IMO Yeast is a vet and we need Vets to come in this time of year. YEast is fresh, he hasnt played in awhile. This would be just be a short term play and Yeast would have to prove him self in training camp if invited. Roy would be in fresh new guys, but his plan was to shape them as the season was in motion, we dont have that option now. IF true about the signing, i like the move and think it was a smart one, something they didnt do in the past. :wink:

Yeast gives them another option as a returner, he also has the speed to be a deep threat and fresh legs. With JRich still out and Armstead banged up its a great depth move

But once Dominguez, Richardson and French all leave, we will need somebody....

You think Dominguez will leave? I hope not..I think hes the cornerstone prototypical player we need to mold the new erra Riders after, as for Richardson he might very well bolt being buddies with KK.. and French who? that 100K could be spent towards making sure Fantuz doesnt get any ideas about the NFL.

Who do I see as Keeper players ?

Offense - Lazeo, Makowsky, O'Day, Greene, Joseph, Crandell, Dominguez, Fantuz, Keith, Armstead
Defense - Perry, Shultz, Jurineak, Hunt, Jones, Stancil, Robinson, McCullough, Clovis
Shultz, Perry, Hunt, Bush,
Special Teams - Congi, Hughes, Frenette

Shopping List -

  • Its time to bite the bullet and go with an ALL Canadian offensive line. We need LINEMEN
  • We need another big Canadian or NFL tightend type that can catch & block (hello Andy) for twin tightend formations (Sorry Szarka)
  • We need another Speedy Goto Guy reciever.
  • We need bigger push in the middle D line.(Bye Nate)
  • We need A big play Corner, halfback & LB. (Bye Morgan, Bye Mitchel, Bye Davis) (Hello Johnson,Robinson,Jones).
  • Last if not least, we need a Punter..I'll give Congi till training camp to improve

The players I singled out are either underachievers or Roy's Boys (Davis)..course I am only speculating.. the hardest shopping item will be finding quality offensive linemen.

GM Dentor ,over and out :lol: :wink:

Armsteads days in riderville may be number sorry to say but yeast taking over the punt return and be alot less to kepp than armstead i guess armstead is gonna be ripping the turf of in another cfl team

Dude is injured... thats the only reason Yeast is even here...

yea i'm talking about the long run the people over at are even saying the armstead might be gone next year

Glad that we have depth at WR and a backup KR. Remember, during his last game, he had the best stats of both teams, so the guy can play.. Gotta wonder if the situation in Hamilton caused Yeast to "lose heart"? Here, he knows they are going to the playoffs, so I'm liking our chances even better now!

Yeast is a cancer in the clubhouse!!!
Thats why he was cut from Hamilton,he’s always crying if he doesnt get the ball.He wasn’t cut because of his play it was his Terrell Owens attitude…
Ronnie cut him on the way to the change room after a gameearlier on in the year.
Their was a big write up in the newspaper,Lancaster said he regreted cutting a player like that but it had to be done…

Funny, as soon as he was released i thought of him in Green and White.. I thik Yeast is a good pickup! The moral/effort thing is what makes me convinced why he is not still a tabbie. If Todd King is correct, I think the Riders will be able to Change his attitude... Look at KK a year ago vs now. His attitude has gone uphill :slight_smile: With Yeast in Green and white, I believe next Year Yo can retire.. And Yeast will possibly take over his spot next year. Armstead will stay, he and Kerry are like 2 conjoined peas in a pod.

Yeah, a QB has a lot of influence of his receivers, particularly his favorite target…

Has anyone actually seen any article that says he actually signed here. I can't find anything on this site, the riderville site or the sportsnet site that actually says he signed. All the one you have at the top says he is flying in.

In the Saskatoon Paper this morning, it was noted that Yeast was practising with the Riders since Monday.

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You guys got an excellent baller who has top reciever potential and if used PROPERLY could be up there with Nik Lewis in talent.

Here's hoping he doesn't dance after every reception.