Yeast will rise

Yeast was exciting to watch at times, but certainly can be replaced. We have no shortage of receivers.

His attitude has been a problem, and Lancaster is well known for not putting up with this. I agree that I would rather have seen him traded. There are a few teams who have some receivers down (BC & Winnipeg). I suspect Yeast may get a look at one of these teams.

This will leave us with another spot on the roster. I suspect that Fleming may finally get his chance to be on the roster. Morreale or Kavil will move into Yeasts spot. I also think they need to put in Davis as the feature back, and let Holmes return punts/kicks, and come in as a second back on some series. I don't thik Holmes can take the punishment of being the feature back.


we went off about how he hates the fans and city? i wouldnt be suprised! some of you fans are so stupid id hate to play in hamilton. If you have ever talked to the guy he is an amazing pereson n ill tell you he dossnt hate the city. he coaches his sons baseball team so he must be pretty hard to get along with??????

and ya does anyone rember when mass started swearing at the fans a few games ago oh what ya hes still on the team. but ya im not guanna get into any of that.

Good luck craig! your my favourite player and i just hope you dont decide to go to the argos :frowning:

What he said, I actually hope he comes around and schools the Ti-Cats, that'll prove how big a MORON Lancaster is.

i really hope he does go to a team that still has to play hamilton at home this year! :thup: