Yeast will rise

Craig will catch on, and be productive with another team. No doubt about it.

A multiple 1000 yard receiver, and decent kick returner will be in demand.

He had run his course with the TiCats and this move was necessary.
All TiCat fans knew his short-comings. Alligator arms and a penchant for showing up teamates.
When you are winning these things can be overlooked.
When you are losing they stick out like a sore thumb.

The perfect replacement for Yeast is...Thrill Hill from last year wherever you are. Please come back we really need you!!!

That had to be the worst thing the cats could ever do. Right when I was thinking the Cats couldn't be doing anything stupider than trading Troy and Joe they go and release Craig. This team is bush and will always be bush, I donno why I like this team, but I do and I can't seem to quit.

Yeast will rise
He'll make dough.

Yeast is not the only player that needs to go. How about the DC. I am tierd as a fan watch on 3rd down and 5 and they only rush 3. How about putting some pressure on the QB.

He was an amazing player that made an impact right away. He's on the Jaguars roster right now though. I hope he makes the team, but if he gets cut I'd love to have him back.

You have to love that three man front on D. They stand about 7 yards apart so that there are holes you could drive a truck through

Good move to release him..too much of a ME player and way to gutless to go over the middle on a regular basis.If he wanted to play he was productive....but it was'nt all the a word he is a selfish player long.

time to clean house. At least Morreale played with some guts.

that was hard for me to say. but it was true

I think Kahlil 'the thrill' hill is on a NFL team at the moment...?

instead of cutting yeast they shouldve told him to go home and try to trade him. we need help on both the defensive and offensive lines maybe we couldve got something for him

I think we should have traded Yeast.......maybe for a box of tape,two used footballs,and a Subway coupon. :lol:

i guess they better take his image off the website then,

Good luck Craig I've enjoyed your play. you will rebound. Hopefully not for the Argos.

He'll rise...right...more like he'll spread like a bad infection somewhere else.

There maybe a chance he will be back:
"Randy Hymes, Fred Stamps, Kahlil Hill, Charles Sharon and Felton Huggins are all facing uphill battles. The Jaguars kept six wide receivers at the start of last season, but that included Owens, who was considered more of a return man."

i want hill to be cut so we can get him back lol

Why not Bring Garder Back
We cut him to keep Yeast..

I thought he was better then Yeast at Camp

Good Riddance Yeast.... would like to hear the details behind his termination. Lost any respect for him when he tried to show up Danny Mac last year.

Yeah, me too.

Never liked his play from day one, but that "showing up DMac" was unforgivable.

Wonder what actually happened in the locker room.

on the CBC pregame today elliotte friedman said he was cut on the way to the locker room.... so he didn't even make it that far.

Twice in the past Craig has gone off loud enough for fans to hear about how he hates the city, the team and the fans.
It's been done directly in front of the bench and the first time was even directed at the fans.
If he's done it a third time I'm glad he's finally got his wish, in fact even if he didn't, Im still glad he's gone.