Yeast to sign with Winnipeg?

According to a poster on the zone, Yeast is expected to be announced tomorrow as signing with Winnipeg.

That gives them 3 receivers we didnt want...

I just read it was in fact Derik Armstrong they signed

This coming from the worst team in the CFL. By the way Winnipeg didnt sign Yeast. They signed former Rider standout and Houston Texan, WR Derek Armstrong.

Yea apparently they were looking at both and went with Armstrong.... cant say I blame them.

Good thing i didnt pass that info off as my own :slight_smile:

Looks like Yeast performed and yapped his way out of the CFL

There is Still The AFL, AFL II ,NIFL ,IFL

All Indoor Leagues for Yeast

look at all the receivers who've been signed ... all while craig yeast sits around, unwanted.
shockmain davis (twice, in winnipeg and toronto), gilles colon, derrick armstrong, an out-of-retirement 35-year-old yo murphy ... the list goes on and on.
what does this say about mr yeast, a two-time 1000-yarder in the cfl and three-year NFLer (and onetime lexington horseman)? it says pretty much that he's unwanted. let's hope if he does get picked up somewhere, that he approaches his new teammates in a different way.

Yeast s..,6

I hope Yeast finds a new team to play for in any league. He had a bit too much ego but on the other hand he often backed up that ego.

All the best to him.

i dont know, i wasnt a fan of yeast he would from time to time come to my old highschool for basketball games with the cops and cats event, hes not a very nice guy.. hes got an attitude problem or somthing my buddies ran up to him n said your wicked n he gave us the dirties look and siad yeh yeh n left us hangin.. then durin the game he was getting angry at at highschool basketball player becuz he kept stealin the ball from yeast and yeast was all pist and he was seriouse.. i uno somthin buot him that makes me mad. i can see how he got canned