yeast should be a ti cat

your all crazy, i win, end of story...

Boooooo Yeast. Y'all know ive disliked him since day one. Although i think he might be useful for one thing and one thing only...Trade bait! you know why? cause other teams may see that 1000 yard mark and think gee what a steal. we'll get something decent in return and than when we play them we wont have such a hard time ebcause its Craig yeast! If he plays Kr/Pr, he'll be more of a danger to them than us! and all we need is a DB on him all game and he'll be too scared of getting hit to catch the ball! Hooray!

Post of the year.

Agreed. There's a potential for a steal there.

fowlkes wil be cut.. soon.. hes a hocke artist.. i feel gardner can beat ou yeast this year

also i see him as trade bait too.. not consistant! ill say it over and over agian, we can get a quality db for him.. something we may need, or at least a solid lb, somthing on defence.. will all the talent at wr n sb we can afford to loose one and gain somthing in return rather then cut then pick up... we will ose if we just cut a good player.. trade him.

His lack of consistency can be scary (as can his dipsy-doodle returns that start in the endzone), but the guy does have talent. He just needs to apply it.

Maybe he loses his starting job and plays situationally. Who would you rather have as a backup? A relative unknown, or someone who has had 1000 yards receiving in consecutive years and can break a return for a TD?

I think unless he really kills his own chances, he stays at least until Hill is back (something I'm hoping to see)

I betcha if Donnely suddenly decided to play WR hed beat out Yeast. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Yeast and Barrenchea, both on the practice roster. In my opinion, neither is the best at their respective postions on the team as it now stands. Import ratios will decide in the end so why argue over something we have no control over, thats what the coaching staff is for.

This decision of which receivers to keep is a big dilemma.

When veteran players of known abilities go on the practice roster
we lose them and get nothing in return when other teams scoop them up.

The practice roster is for untested or unproven players.

I know that Ron. Just trying to make a point. There is a pointless argument with people backing their favourite player. In my opinion both those players are on the edge as far as starting on this team as it stands now. I imagine they are some of the players whose play will be watched very closely on Friday, along with those who might replace them. Me, I was not overly impressed with either last season.

i think we should trade yeast for ezra landry or a decent fullback

if you put yeast on the practise roster he would be gone in seconds. if your guanna do somthing stupid like that y dont you just trade him because there isnt a team that wont take him.

:? are you joking? landry landry is only a returner and we already have enough of them holmes and folkes if he makes the team. and why do we need a fullback we already have possibly the best one in the league with radlein.

We have one of the best fullbacks already.

What we would trade for at this point (beyond draft picks) is a good question: receivers appear to be stacked, RBs and D-line are solid, while we have evaluation to do with the O-line, LBs, and secondary before we have any idea if they still need improvement.

We wouldn't likely get much in return anyway. When a Terry Vaughn can be had for a conditional low-round pick, what does that say about the value of a Craig Yeast? If teams know he's expendable because we have better optiosn, why would they waste a pick when they could probably grab him after he's been cut?

Makaveli: Normally that would be the case, but training camps, the other teams just wait for cuts anyway. Why trade when you can get the player for nothing. Like my last post said, I just think it is a pointless argument over two decent players that just might not fit into the plans, as starters anyway.

Lets hope the Cats do what other teams do notably Edmonton ,Toronto and Montreal . Somehow they get players to stay around town when thier not even on the practice roster . I know its illegal but I believe Tay Cody was this type of player out in Edmonton last season . Its over looked across the CFL and I believe finally we have the type of players we dont want other teams to get thier hands on .

I have to say Ive reconsidered my post about Craig Yeast being great trade bait. Its true he would be the problem is hes american. we're only gonna get an american for him. No team would trade a Canadian for an american wide receiver. Their a dime a dozen. I was hoping we could get possibly a great Canadian DB but ive thought about it and it just wont happen. Ive changed my mind and i now think we'l prolly get only a draft choice although i wouldnt be adverse to that either. And as for Barrenchea on the practice roster, use your head. He's probably our most talented linebacker BAR NONE. Theres noway that Mariuz, Brooks, Armour, Cox and Hitchock start of Auggie. if he doesnt win the spot in the middle, than they'll move him outside. You dont waste talent like that. I think it will look something like Mariuz-Brooks-Barrenchea with Cox and Hitch providing backups. Think logically before you post guys. Unbelievable!

By the way guys its only my opinion but i believer everyone should listen to understand where im coming from with some of my posts.

Hopefully, this year it will be safer to put a player
on the Developmental Roster this year,

The new regulations say that if another team is interested
in signing a DR player they have to give written notice to the you.

[I thought that was the case last year but Don Matthews signed Ezra Landry and somehow got around this.]

Then that team has 2 days after next game to sign
that DR player to a CFL Standard Player Contract (SPC)
and place him immediately on their Active Roster.

A DR player obtained in this way must remain
on the new team’s AR for 2 consecutives games.