yeast should be a ti cat

he is on of the best players in the league when he is on his game bar none there is noway the cats should cut him he is just that good :o

Im glad some people are starting to see this because ive been saying it for the past 2 years lol :cowboy:

i know he is just that good i dont understand how or why people put him down

Neither do i. They get mad at him for hot trying and not taking hits so after this game i hope al this stops because he got smaked on the one catch and still came down with the ball. And for anyone who hassnt talked to him before he has to be one of the nicest and friendliest ti cats.

Part of the dislike began when he was set to punt-returning. He made poor decisions there and hesitated often.

Secondly, he HAS seemed to quit on several plays in the past when it looked like he might be hit or would have to extend to make the catch. At those times I wondered if there was a hidden rib injury or not because other times he is quite good.

The problem is that the ‘problem times’ have been very obvious. Because they were mixed in with down times for the 'Cats the image left in many people’s minds was neutral to mildly negative.

1000 yards this year from yeast better than the bum morreale

Lmao if Yeast dossnt get a 1000 yards this year i will be really suprized

The sins of the past may haunt his future. Givng up on balls, poor decision making and showing up his quarterback are things that fans and team mates don't soon forget.

Yes he is very talented, no question. Plus, I think Maas will rip the face mask from his helmet if he ever pulls some of the stuff he did with the calmly Danny Mac.

Nothing like treating our veteran players with such kind words. :thdn:
How many games did Mike start last season??? 4????
58 receptions for 624 yards.
(Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.)

Speaks for itself. Especially considering he is 34 years old (which might technically make him the 'old man' on the team now).

yeats is a weird one, he will hve a great game, next a shitty game, its to hard to tell... hes not consistant.. we need consistancy... we need a SB that is a go to guy, not a got o i hope guy... we need that security in the SB position.

Let me get this straight. you can't put Yeast down, but it is ok to dis Morealle? Give your head a shake mate.


1st? Grow up.
2nd? One catch does not make Yeast a star.

He made a nice grab last night and has had a nice camp. Hopefully he will bring that into the season.

For the record Yeast's great play STILL wasnt better than Morreale's great play last night.

Morreale's was TSN's Highlight of the night :wink:

Both Yeast and Morreale have my utmost respect .......they are scrappers and have both been victims of a sort of "urban legend" whereby a few dropped passes here and there have blossomed into something it never was....

Just like what happened to Boreham when he missed those two chip shots a few years back .....enough already for cripes sakes!

Morreale and Yeast both stepped up last night....they did the Black and Gold proud and earned another stripe....

We did blow out the Argos did we not?.... :wink:

How are dropped passes and missed FGs "urban legends"? You either catch them or you dont you either kick them or miss them.
Yeast seems to be selfish at times, which isnt uncommon in sports, but I think he's just dangerous enough to keep.He's a threat everytime he is out there, imo.

The WR/SB Spot is going to be the hardest to cut..

I see These players Making the team at WR/SB

I say we keep 7 and 2 PR Making the total 9

Starters In Bold


Peterson (PR)

By all accounts Peterson has been the best receiver in camp. No way he'd make it to the Practice Roster without being picked up. I think we're in for some surprises here.

I have never liked Yeast's game form day one. Too timid for pro football.

Yes, he made a terrific catch, but otherwise his pass paaterns were weak and timid.

I watched a pass form Maas to Yeast in which Yeast ran a lazy route, and I firmly believe it's because of the positioning of the DB. I think he's afraid to get hit.

A sharp contrast to his style was Talman Gardner's performance Friday night in which he impressed me with his "attacking" of the ball. He went after it strongly and very aggressively as if he owned it and nobody was going to stop him.

I really liked what I saw from him.

I'd be OK with Yeast's release.

(P.S. I have no doubts that he's a nice guy, but if you're wearing a Ti-Cat uniform I want a nice football player)

how can a kick returner be afraid to take a hit? he is running at a hole team of players that are trying to take his head off. You can say he runns slopy routes taths your oppinion but where does everyone get he cant take a hit from?

Yeast seems to be at his best when he's doing more in games, (ie KR and PR) and coming in as the 5th receiver.

With Holmes in Hamilton, Yeast might not be the sole returner (ditto for Fowlkes if he stays) but they'll probably either split duties (KR vs PR) or keep both of them back there, like the argos did with Bruce and Levingston last year.

just a thought.

the reason i wrote that was because of Onknight's post saying Petersen would probably be on the Practice Roster.

I'm in the camp that believes the starting lineup will look like this(backups in brackets):

WR: Petersen; Flick (Gardner; Cavil)
SB: Vaughn; Ralph (Yeast; Morreale)

(Quinnie and Fowlkes make either the seven man PR or four man non-playing roster)