Yeast Released

Aparently I just heard this on Craig Yeast has been Released.

wasnt he just playing in the hamilton wpg game?

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I do not know if any one seen it on the news (TV). Yeast was being restrained by fellow players! It seems he was upset with someone could it have been Lancaster or Eakin! And that is probably why he was asked to clean out his locker!

Yeast deserved better than this. He's a great receiver. He will land on his feet somewhere else, and I'll be there with him. Good football player. But the Tabbies had to do what they felt was best for the team. I still like the Cats. I just think they made a mistake.

no he's not. tucker, cahoon, simon...those guys are great. yeast is not even close to being great.

DG I agree with you the problem with the Tiger cats is as receiver! Jason Maas is a good QB and it just seems like the receivers in Hamilton are nothing compared to the ones the Eskimos have. The problem may have been there for a while. After this many games it would seem they would start connecting. Only a lazy group of players from Calgary got them their first win. Yeast did not help!

i was just wondering :? if Yeast signs with another CFL team, do you change teams to or change your name :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought that was Brooks and Shaw or somebody on the TiCat defence who were jawing....never saw Yeast in there, but I never saw his release coming either, sounds a little drastic.

too bad an expansion team wasnt able to claim players now....yeast, yo murphy, warren...

good way to start getting players without pickin from the other teams rosters yet.

But yeast is still pretty good. That's wierd.

maybe Lancaster is just sending a message ala Buono style, he said he was disappointed with the effort last night but its hard to fault the players, Eakin was simply in way over his head.

i dont know about the rest of you but id love to see him come to winnipeg, im happy with the depth and talent of our recievers but albert johnson just isnt getting it done, our return game is non existent i think yeast would really help

I agree with bompeder I think he would be a good fit in winnipeg to help take some pressure off stegal and give glenn a reliable 2nd read on passing plays

Well in my opinion, for what it is worth, and that probably isn't very much, I don't think we're going to see Yeast land anywhere soon. The guy's an attitude problem, and I think he'll end up like Frank Cutolo (talented receiver but no one wants to ruin the locker room chemistry they have by bringing in cancers like these guys).

And the other confrontation on the was Renard Cox and, I think, Brooks. Defensive Coordinator Kavis Reed took them aside and the matter seemed to be resolved rather quickly.

If it's true, Montreal sure can use him, because Kerry Watkins SUCKS!

From what i've seen of him over the years he's a very talented receiver. The problem with Yeast is he won't stretch out for the ball when he hears footsteps.

On critical downs where they need the catch he won't go for the ball. To me it just looks like he's scared of getting hit when he's exposed. Major attitude problem as pro receivers sometimes just have to take the pounding on those critical plays.

I remember McManus losing it on him last year because of the same situation on a short pass in the flats.

If you look at the good receivers around the league (Cahoon, Tucker, Stegall, etc) they're willing to make those catches.

there something in the water in Hamilton, New crappy logo, not many new signings except Maas who is out, keeping Peterson, releasing Marshall and now Yeast, they are going in the wrong direction.

i can't say i'm sad to see yeast go, but after seeing cox and brooks go at it on the sideline,you have to think these guy's are not on the same page.this is a coaching problem see ya ron/joe.

Craig was much better focussed and his play improved this year.
I thought his vow to improve his attitude and behavior was paying off.
Too bad he blew it by not keeping his emotions in control.

Best of luck Craig in whatever comes down the road.


You are right, 57strat, these players probably were upset
because they weren't on the same page.

Things like this happen in the heat of the game.

As defensive players, their coach is Coach Reed
He got them back on the same page in the play book.

Their differences were resolved very simply!

I am confused. Why would Ron/Joe be needed?