Yeast is WEAK

i see a lot of ti-cats games (pretty much all of them love that stadium) and yeast is a very reliable receiver, and just had a tough break. enough of this cut him bull sh*t!
this is wierd the only one standing up for Yeast is an Argo fan....guess thats what happens when your 0-5, even your rivals stick up for yah..... :lol:

I didnt think it was a particularly hard ball to haul in, it wasnt over the shoulder or anything, granted he was in full flight but it was right there out front of him, the old cliche is if you can touch it you can catch it and it looked to me like he had both hands on the ball, finger tips anyway. I think the point here is he didnt appear to make every effort he could have, like laying out for it. Its not so much that he didnt make the catch but that he didnt appear to do all he could to get to it, which really is inexcusable for a pro.

yeah he didn't dive, but that probably played into him miss judging it...he probably felt that he didn't have to.....but judging by his speed if he dove, he could of out dove the ball..... and could of ended up takin the ball of the shoulder or helmet, and that would of been worse....once again tough break'll get your shot next week....

It really was an exciting game, down to the wire again and could have gone either way. Cats played their hearts out and just came up short. Esks win another close game, I wouldnt say they have been dominant to get to 5 - 1 but good for them.

yeah congrads to the eskimos on the win, please beat out b.c for the west.... :smiley: wish!

Enough is enough.. Yeast had a good game! It could have been better with that catch for the 51 yarder was a good catch, and he caught that one no problem. He just got tripped up. The last catch was catchable, but a hard one to make. He was inbetween two defenders, and going towards the sidelines. Had he layed out for that ball he probably would have went out of bounds! This guy should NOT be cut, because he is a great receiver. Look at Jason Tucker, he has gone through a couple bad games in his career to. I expect Yeast to bounce back and have a big game.

Archie is there missing piece of the puzzle for HAM…FLICK, had a great game. :smiley: It is certainly not BRADY …or BIG MAC…he dislocated his thumb on his own teams helmet…

AND how about TUCKER [ED]…2 great catches for TDS…and the second TD catch should be on a high light real…he catches the ball in important moments. :smiley:

Brady......MAC........and .....JONES are only mostley as good as there recievers are...........HAM.........needs, ARCHIE E. :wink: FLICK , was solid.

Yes Yeast should have stretched out and that was definitely a catchable ball. If there has been a common problem with the Cats it is the pathetic receivers who have dropped way too many. There is nothing wrong with Danny Mac that some normal or clutch catches should have helped and would have resulted in at least 2-3 wins.

If the Ticats were 4-0, Yeast could have made that mistake by being a bit overconfident. But the Cats are still winless. And not two years ago, they went 1-17.

As a pro, you have to be ready to do anything if that one opportunity to win the game presents itself.

I recognize your input ARgo04 since you are a receiver too. You say it was hard to catch and I believe you. But Yeast is in the major leagues. He's supposed to come up with though catches.

When you go to work (or to school, I don't know), Yeast is on the field practicing.

Execution is killing a lot of teams this year.

Steady with the "major league" stuff, Turd...there's a reason why he's in the good ol' CFL. :wink:

I'd say the majority of posters are very, very critical of Yeast for his failure to make the effort to catch that bill and put Hamilton in a situation where they could have won that game.

The Argo receiver, methinks, is forgetting that most of us would be forgiving if the effort is made and he did what you expect a pro to do. I am not usually down on any guy who made the right play and just didn't execute it as he might have (like drop the ball or a QB who is just off the target a bit but made the right play, etc.).

The difference between the pros and the good amateur receivers is that they don't misjudge how to get to a ball or what they need to do make that a catchable one.

Weren't they calling Yeast down for "short arming" and letting a catchable ball drift away in a prior game. Same guy, different scenario, same result - failure to do what was right. Near unforgiveable as a pro.

Some advice: Better to remain silent and thought a fool, then to open your mouth and erase all doubt. Your last entry only fills the pages up off unnecessary stuff. Stick to the game!

I've been at BVJ in Camrose all weekend and knew that when I came home this would be a hot topic. I didn't think the thread would be under such an idiotic, childish title like "Yeast Infection". Hoopster, you probably chuckle to yourself everytime you see that don't you. All that shows is the kind of person you are and where your maturity level lies. As a Yeast fan, no-one is more frustrated than I am that he didn't come up with that catch. If that catch had made our season record 4-1, there would have been some rumblings and this thread would have never been created. It's always easier to kick someone when there down isn't hoopster.