Yeast is WEAK

How did he not catch that TD bomb with 10 seconds to go.

I tell you, this team has NO character, heart, or skill.

Cut this Guy NOW :x

that wasn't that his finger tips....I'm a receiver I know what its like to be going full tilt and get the ball on the finger tips...not easy to bring in...yes he probably should of made the catch, but the receivers played a great did Brady....better luck next time tabbies.

I agree - like Tillman just said, he's a pro and he should have laid himself out for that catchable ball. If he did and dropped then fine, he tried.

If the ball was caught, the game might have gone to Hamilton.

Flutie suggested during the game the same thing which is what he would have done if he was there.

Yeast infection is not a bad call for this guy.

Argos... if you are a receiver then would you not lay out for that ball? If no, change positions.

ok not really necessary to make 2 threads for this...i know your pissed....but come on, this game is step in the right direction for the ti-cats....brady shoudl start next weekend.

yeah i would off, but going a full speed like that, and a long thrown ball like that. it isn't easy to judge it in the air....he could very well of thought this was going to fall in his hands...



The bottom line is the bottom line.

This guy has NO courage, heart, or character. I saw Edmonton receivers make tough catches all night. Yeast simply is not on their level and never will be for that matter.

any body remembert the HAM reciever…TONY CHAMPION? in the 1998 GREY CUP?..they get paid to catch the ball…

oh for fK sakes. I'm sure Yeast was saying in his mind......haha im going to drop this pass on purpose because i have no heart, character, and want ppl to think im not talented at all......that is not an easy catch to make.....Yeast has not talent.......c'mon give me a fkin break.....yeah one screw up like that lets cut him.......yeah good idea.....hoopster you should be the gm of the ti-cats..

yes, I should be in charge of running this club. If this were the case, the ti-cats would be 5-0 and not 0-5!

i am so sick of listening to this 13 year old kid and his stupid remarks......and i get the feeling im not the only one....

So are BIG MAC and BRADY the CATS problem?..they look great tonight…and MAC , looked great against B.C…catch the ball…win the game…how many passes did EDMONTON drop? :wink:

derrell mitchell had a huge drop that was first down yardage.....

Didn’t know you could HEAR me

I'm done babysitting this kid, anyone else wanna take over?

Well…MITCHELL didn’t drop the possible winning TD pass…did he.? :wink:

Where is Archie Amerson, did you guys cut him, can you get him back, because Yeast stinks.

look at it this way…yeast is a good young exciting talented player…the pass was a hard one to judge…yeast being paid to do what he does, probably should of found a way to pull it in, but it was not right in the bed basket for him…as i mentioned im a wide receiver, and those over the head jet routes are not easy to catch because of the speed you are going at. tough break for the cats but it happens…Yeast is still a good receiver and doesn’t deserve to lose his job for that missed oppurtunity.

I have only seen a few Ticat games this season, but I get the impression that this wasnt the first multi drop game that he has had this season. Wasnt he pretty reliable lasy year or did he have the Kamau Petersen version of the infection then too.