yeast is afraid to take a hit

didnt look like it to me last night he took a lot of hits after the catch looked real good too

actually, i thought he hook slid several times to avoid a hit, and dropped one when he sensed a hit was coming... but my frustration with that is offset by his speed and (most of the time) his hands.

have to disagree with you

Don't Knock Yeast
He alot better this Season..

Craig played well last night...

He certainly isnt the reason we lost, before the season he said he was committed to being a team guy and playing within the system... i think hes doing that.

I have few complaints with Craig so far.

Didn't he almost get decapitated on one of his catches. At that point of the game I was listening to streamed radio so I didn't see it, but the commentator was amazed by the catch.

Played a gutsy game. One of the better players on the field....