Yeast added to Saskatchewan Roster

looks like he will play this weekend

maybe he gets the "last laugh"?

who cares.

He's the riders problem now.

Good luck Craig, and good luck Riders.

they must be desperate or yeast may have learned a lesson.

It's a nothing game for Saskatchewan tonight so I'm sure they want to rest a few starters and have a look at Yeast.

I was trying to REMEMBER where and when I had read in this FORUM that Craig Yeast might be a fit in Saskatchewan.

Lo and Behold, when I used the search function, I came up with the following ...

Meanstreak PostPosted: Jul 30, 2006 - 07:53 PM

I have always found Craig Yeast to be ENIGMATIC ... at times his play is brilliant and almost as often it is much less ...

The guy can play, and I think Saskatchewan is a place he could play.

I don't wish Craig ill will, and I hope he gets another chance.


P.S - Momma always told me it was not polite to say "I told you so" - sorry, Mom, please forgive.

Yeast is Using # 84..

Well I wonder what Joseph will do when Yeast trys to show him up after an incomplete pass ??

i have a feeling that they think hes some saviour, im going to laugh if they put him in the playoff game, and he blows it!

1 catch 2 yards, seems about right for yeast, haha what a bum

Beaking Yeast for having one ball thrown to him makes you seem like the bum. He gets to got to the playoffs while we get to sit at home.

This fan wishes Craig all the best and hopes he has a great time in the playoffs!

Go get 'em Yeast! :cowboy:

Ya he was the best team player we ever had !!!! I know Danny MAC and Maas really appreciate him !!! oh ya !!! you nver liked either one of those QBS !!!!

He was thrown to at least twice. The other was a bomb in the endzone. Yeast pulled up trying to draw an interference peantly instead of continuing (and god forbid maybe needing to jump) to get a TD.

excuse me i always stick up for both of them . quarterbacks are my favourite!

Who you talking to?

i'm just glad that hamilton finally got rid of its 'yeast infection'.

He is almost my most hated ticat player ever!