Yeast a Rider?

Looks like Yeast may get some work with the Riders while their receiving corps is short due to injury. What do you think? Will he suddenly catch on there?


yeast will be a cancer anywhere he goes. he has a T.O. ego with a big problem not enough talent to back it up. im not saying a man can not change but i wouldnt hold my breath. good luck to whoever gambles on this guy.

Good luck to Craig Yeast.

That'll be the first nail in Eric Tilman's coffin.

An Argo fan

It doesn’t sound like Yeast will see the field as a receiver, at least I hope not.
I like Saskatchewan and wouldn’t wish him on an enemy let alone my 2nd choice team.

He may make it through a game or two but if Barrett (or Tillman))keeps him I’d expect the P’n and moanin to start early next year.

Good luck, they'll release him sooner than he thinks.

KKKKK, how do you really know that Yeast has a T.O. ego(I'm assuming you mean Terell Owens). Unless you are in the locker room you can't tell me you know. I know your gonna tell me the story of pointing out Danny but for I care I point out my friends mistake, or Yeast MAY have thought he had a different route and then Danny pointed the other way telling him he thought the route was the other way.

first of all what does kkkkk mean. please inform me. second we are only allowed to speculate about what type of guy yeast is. yes you can point out the danny incident. you can also point out him pouting everytime he thought he was open and didnt get the ball shaking his head. but dont use these observations that can be made by the casual fan just look how he was let go. i dont agree with how it was done but do you really think that would happen to a class guy? a team guy? nah probably someone that was so full of himself a coach finally blew his top and had enough. guys like that are great to have when your winning but when your losing the lack of character shines through. by the way i didnt see the guys on the team getting behind him when he was let go like that. but hey i could be wrong. what evidence do you have that he is a team guy? let me know or i guess by your estimation its impossible for anyone to form an opinnion unless we are in the lockeroom. please tell me this isnt a cause you really want to fight for.

I haven't heard news from any reliable news sources about Yeast joining the Saskatchewan Roughriders. I did find out about a post about this on, and you can click here to check that out. But until I hear actual news about this, I'll take this about as seriously as one would take news from a certain individual here who I think is still taking a "vacation" from this site. :slight_smile:

And besides, I'm not sure why the Riders would want him. I find it hard to imagine why they would want a receiver who was rejected by the Ticats.

Actual News.

[url=] ... 01a673fc9b[/url]

Go the the 'notes' at the end of the article.
I wouldn'y have believed it either if I didn't see it in the RLP.

Sorry but so many of Yeast's antics and tirades took place directly in front of fans that not much room for doubt was left.
I'll pass on the Danny story, the country saw that one.
How's about the one where he yells directly at fans how much he hates Hamilton and wants out of here, or how about his habit of blaming every pass he ever dropped on anything other than himself. Also done in true drama queen style and for the benefit of any and all teammates and fans within earshot.
How's about the night he was released yelling on the sideleines how he wants to be released, (wish granted) how's about aggression to teammates or agression to fans...all witnessed first hand.
No specualation needed when Craig pulled his best stunts in front of people.

I remember him coming to the sideline many times after a punt return which he usually let bounce first crying about no blocking. i would have cut him last year.

For sure!

I got this from the Rider web site. This guy flew in with Yeast and this is what he had to say...........

What a loser.

From my lengthy chat with Yeast (I mean, what else can you do on a Northwest flight!), he said that he was given an extremely bad rep by the media there and that it was all BS. He said that the organization had little struture and it was impossible to tell who was running the show at any given time. The rumours of him being a cancer, according to him, were blown way outta proportion and he was more glad to be out of HAM rather that have to deal with that day-to-day.

He seems extremely genuine and warm hearted. When he got off the plane, some people shook his hand and he said openly "I can't wait to get out there on the field and show some true fans and this organization what I can do for this team."

wow. hey all the power to him. obviously he has to try and put some kind of positive spin on it. but the true test will be after he settles in. watch the yeast infection spread like wild fire.

I find that quote a little ironic considering he himself stated at the beginning of the year that he knew he had an attitude problem and that he was really going to try to curb it this year. I can only say that I like Yeast as a person. I've chatted with him several times and he was very nice. Once he gets on the field,however, instant idiot. I defended him over and over, but I'm not blind. Anyone who saw him play knows he's a me player. "Some true fans?" lmao!! If he thinks he dealt with bad fans here, wait until he gets a taste of some Rider fans. We're a walk in the park compared to them. Blown out of proportion...what a joke.

great post

The whole team was dysfunctional this year. Yeast seemed to lose effort; I was certainly frustrated with his efforts but who knows the whole story?

Would you like to be a secondary wide receiver under those schemes?

He certainly wasn't the answer at returning kicks. He wasn't (at least we didn't see) a second effort kind of guy). I just don't want to comment upon him as a person.

He didn't produce. He's not here.

Great guy, a-hole on the football field.

half right i dont know about great guy. y because the two minutes off the field you have seen him he smiled and put up a front. its alot easier to pretend in a 2 min conversation then it is an entire season.

Thanks for that link. And if you click here to check out the Roughriders' roster, you'll see he's there on their practice roster.

Anyway, in that RLP article, it was said that he would be kept around just to give them extra depth. I figure there will have to be at least a few injuries before Yeast would get activated from the practice roster.

But I find this quote here below quite amusing:

From my lengthy chat with Yeast (I mean, what else can you do on a Northwest flight!), he said that he was given an extremely bad rep by the media there and that it was all BS... rumours of him being a cancer, according to him, were blown way outta proportion and he was more glad to be out of HAM rather that have to deal with that day-to-day.
Uh-huh. According to [i]him.[/i]

In other news, Kahlil Hill does not think he was out of line for missing that flight and that practice, and says he should not have been cut for that.