Years of Problems

Too many people in this city seem to think that this is the first bad stretch this organization has ever had. Fact is since 1973 we have the worst record of any of the existing franchises, plus only 2 Grey Cups in 35 years. That is ridiculous in a 8-9 team league. This organization aside from maybe 6-7 of the past 35 years has sucked.

You know I don't really care if they win Grey Cups. I just want them to win their share of games, make the playoffs most years and maybe be in the Grey cup final once in a while. That would be enough.

Watching the Als game and they just posted sacks for the year. Cats in last. I remember prior to training camp Obie and the staff that the sack total was going to be a major focus for the team and we would improve with the people we brought in. Wrong again.

This is the truth about this franchise.There is not 4 or 5 years of a poorly run franchise,but over 30 years of losing from the top of the franchise to the bottom.

SSK has only won 2 GC since 1967! That's 2 in 41 years!

and, their record is better then ours since 73 and they won last year, this will be the fist decade in the history of the the CFL we will not win a Cup

15 Grey Cups. Second highest total in the league. They've also been to a few Grey Cups and Eastern Finals which they didn't win. That's more than 6 or 7 good seasons. Quit crying the blues. All teams go through it over a THIRTY YEAR period. Find me one team that has dominated for thirty years.

there was that one team.. and it was 35 actually...