Years highlights

For me it was the Edmonton game at Skydome. The 12 play, 109 yard drive Joseph put together and then capped it off with a 13 yard run and dive into the endzone was one of the most thrilling plays of the year for me. I still remember the excitement when I think about it. There was still so much hope.
And then....

Oh well, I have 6 months to get over it.

Good luck to those who still have highlights to come. :rockin:

...the highlite for me was Winnipeg at Edmonton, last play of the game and Glenn fades back into his own endzone, bullets a pass to Stegall who somehow manages to get through two colliding Eskimo DBs and runs it 104 yards for the major, no time left on the clock, and wins the game....the look on Maccocia's face was priceless....

...oh yeah, that wasn't this year...


Just goes to show how the best highlights are timeless. :rockin:

My favourite memory of the season would be Jason Tucker's TD catch in the dying seconds of our Week 2 wim against the Stamps. :smiley:

Mine was going into Calgary and putting a beat down on them on Labour day . Let the Trash talking begin for the all Alberta Grey cup!

For me it would have to be the Dinwiddie to Bryant last minute TD to win the Bombers their first game of the season.

Mine was the Rider 4th quarter comeback over the Als at home in Week 4. It was a good game to watch all round and ended wonderfully. Definitely the most exciting finish for the Riders this year IMO.

You know Red, sometimes plays are so good, so memorable, they seem like yesterday! :thup: :thup:

I must agree even being a fan of the Esks , that look on DM was priceless . At the time I was fit to be tied but now I look back and laugh about it, the Esks did it to other Teams for years and on that occasion it was done to us . Oh well that's Sports.

well the bryant cartch to beat calgary was a great play, but they had thrown that route 4 times that game unsuccesfullys. so lets it touch. to me is when glenn aired the ball to franklin and he beat his db to score a huge td and his first in his 3 year cfl career.


Claremont's catch when he got dummied and flipped...and still managed to hold on to the ball.

Clermont himself is a human highlight reel.
He amazes in the way he can hang onto that ball after some of the hits he takes.