year six of the five year plan

Am I the only one who thinks this team will be lucky to win five games.Bob this isn't what either one of us signed up for.

8 months between posts. Picky about threads or did you forget all about using this username.? :roll:

actually as the off season progressed the usual suspects pontificated on tiger town .I silently renewed my 4 eats (excessively priced) and waited for the start of the year to express my concerns> I hope I am wrong but i think the brain trust has yet again betrayed us.

No, I do not think you are the only one.

I looked at the schedule and came up with 5 wins.

We are all hoping for much more of corse, and only time will tell.

Mr. Buzz,
I too looked at the schedule, we only play the Argo's (suck!) 4 times.
Who is the unfortunate team to allow our 5th win?

It's too early to say. It all rides on the QB's and progression of the Oline, if Porter is in the same calibre as Ricky Ray, things could changed quick.

Where Obilovich may have failed is finding guys on the defensive line. After the final cuts there is also a lot of talent floating around that could help make the Ticats a better team.

I agree % might eben be pushing it.
One can only hope and prey. Come Wed it game one.

A couple guys on D step up and surprise and we could be a very dangerous team.

I personally don’t see our d line being very strong so QBs will be able to sit back and pick us apart.

I thought this was an 8-10 win team until I saw the preseason game. I know that it was only preseason but I don’t know if I saw enough to say that we are going to be that competitive this year.

The offense doesn’t look too bad. Once the oline gels and we find the right 5 guys, we will be able to move the ball but if the d gets picked apart, we will be down 14 by the end of every first quarter and we will be playing comeback week after week.

I am very concerned that this will need a 7th year.

Are you kidding? the Offense was disgusting the past 2 games. 2 and out after 2 and out after 2 and out. After a while, even our strengthened D couldn't take being on the field for 90% of the game anymore. Offense is Causing WAY too many penalties, and receivers are taking a day and a half to get open. Problem that must be asessed now.

The offence always seems to take a while to get going. Both games the offence did a horrible job in the first half, but then did a decent job in the second. If the team could just start off better, it wouldn't be so much of an issue.

Penalties are an issue, and have been for the passed number of years here.

Nobody listen to "The Buzz" :wink: haha.

you guys need to remeber the 7 games that we lost by 10 points or less.

now look at our competition in the east(i'd say the only legitimately threatining team is good ol' MTL)

say we win those 7 games we dropped last year, suddenly we have a 10-8 record.

8) You renewed your (excessively priced) 4 seats !! If you had taken advantage of the 25% discount, plus paid for your playoff tickets last year, and then renewed by I believe it was Jan. 1/09, for an additional 10% off, you would have got your season tix for almost half price this year !!! At least I sure did with all the guarantees and discounts that were available from last year !!!
 By the way, is that  you Harold, my old buddy, oski wee wee  !!!     <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

i don't know what everybody is expecting this season, do you expect the cats to go 18-0,17-1. it takes time to build a contender year after year, this has to be done gradually not all at once. ballard might be right but this is the first year where the cats have in the front office people who might know what they're doing for a change give them a chance. i'm hoping for 8 wins if they get more it will be a bonus and if they get into the playoffs anything could happen

I agree another long year again... I hope I am wrong though... Eat "em" Raw !!!

Good teams win the close ones...

What a change from the beginning of training camp. You guys are actually writing the season off at this point? This is the first time I've seen this. Usually the optimism lasts until after the first game :lol: . I'll wait until I actually see the official roster play a few games to make a judgement.

We're not going to be the best in the league and we're not going to win every game. But it is practically impossible to not be competitive. Let's just see what happens.

Yes, but with this club, nothing is impossible. :wink: :wink: :wink:

I'm actually guardedly optimistic about this year. Toronto and Winnipeg are big unknowns, but I think we've made a lot of positive changes.

If only we could all see life through those rose coloured glasses you wear.

If the last 4 or 5 years have taught us anything about the Cats its expect the worse. And I shall, until they prove otherwise.

It strikes me as odd how many people get optomistic about the changes this club makes every year.

Every year we hear the same "ifs". Until it happens I expect 5 wins.

oh, and OP I don't think we will sweep the blew team, but you can count on Lossipeg for one or two, not sure which of those clubs is in a worse state.