Year of the Tiger 2010

The year 2010 is the Chinese year of the Tiger. 1986 was also the year of the tiger and we all know how that turned out. Maybe, just maybe...... :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

If AB3 stays, and MK stays then we're in very very good shape going into the season.With the addition of a few more diamond's in the rough and a couple blockbuster trades to assist in the process :smiley:

Fully agree, we need to get AB3 signed and build from there.

AB3 is signed for 2 more years, reportedly for around $190K per year. The only reason anyone is raising it is because he said something vague that very indirectly implied he might retire. It would be hard to pass up that kind of money though.


Based on the 12-year cycle, that must mean 1998 was the Year of the Tiger as well. I'd even settle for another year like that one (12 wins and a Grey Cup appearance).

:thup: 2010 11-7 In the Eastern final

Just hope we get a good replacement for Marshall? WILL HE BE CAPTAIN OF THE ARGO SHIP?...


I hope we can get Kevin Glenn a Grey Cup ring. Sure, we would like him to help get us the Grey Cup but I think this guy is quality all the way, personally and professionally. Ok, he's not the most talented qb in CFL history but I think he has what it takes to lead a championship team to the championship. Hmmm, that sounds sort of weird but you know what I mean anyways.

I'm biased, I met his mother years back and what a wonderful women she is.

We showed true potential last year, and with some of the "growing pains" out of the way, I look forward to a very positive 2010 season.

Happy Year of the Tiger to Ticat Nation! :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


Year of the Tiger doesn't actually start until February 14.

I understand. I was spucing up my typical New Year's greeting...and the way the CFL offseason drags on, I might be comatose by February 14! LOL :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,