Year of the backup

The next generation of pivots are here and proving themselves more than capable to lead the CFL into the next decade. Some will be free agents, some have already taken the #1 spot. Which one will be the next MOP?

Looking forward to plenty of Fajardo/Arbuckle battles like the Durant/Calvillo battles of old

The good old days. Hopefully more to come between Adams Jr and Farjado for the cup. (Without the13th man or a lightning storm).

In what world is Adams Jr a backup?

At least Fajardo inherited a fairly good team. Adams Jr., on the other hand, has taken a team on par with the Argos and Lions and elevated it to now being seriously competitive in just eight games or so. He gets my vote.

He was. I said in my message that some are now starters.

In the same world as Fajardo being a backup, I suppose.

As the OP stated, some have risen to be the official starters after starting the year as backups.

Adams deserves consideration for MOP this year, if he continues his present trajectory.

Fjardo was a backup for all of about three snaps - he’s been “the guy” since about 3 minutes into game 1 of the season.

I suppose my point was for a debate on the new crop of new QB’s and which has the best shot at becoming the next star. A couple of pints may have increased the inarticulation of the sentiment.

Adam’s Jr is the most exciting qb to watch and that includes blm, Trevor Harris and reilly