Year end review on this CFL forum

Attendance is down at CFL.CA forum, why is that? A little self examination might be in order here.

Observations from yours truly....No personal attacks please, it`s supposed to be against the rules. Why does have so many members yet at this forum the Rider forum is dead?

Bombers, Calgary, Lions, Ticats basically ever team has a better forum than the cfl forum, why is that? Before you say, why dont you just go to those other forums if you like them so much better, why not ask the question...why do so few come here?

Drop in at and you will hear that many have been banned from this site.

As a die hard CFL fan, I just think it`s time again to ask the question, why so few people post here on a regular basis?

I would guess 50 regular posters would be high.

I challenge you guys to do take a honest look at this, rather than just bashing me etc. You can and probably will remain in denial, but its simply the same few cast of characters here, year in and year out, probably 2 dozen folks including the mods, just a guess? Hey maybe its 50...whatever

Cliques come to mind...just seems as though the forum has been hijacked by a handful of people, the rules you make up as you go along and they only apply to folks out of the regular handful of posters.

I suspect all this will do is direct personal attacks at me, but I am asking the question again anyway.

I think more should be done here to welcome more people, rather than chase them away. To say that people have not been driven away is really just denial on your part.

If you love the CFL think about it. To only enforce rules on people that the handful of regulars do not like, is really not the way to go, this forum should be booming.

I think the forum needs more than 25 to 50 regular members. Talk about attendance at games and tv ratings< what about here at

Try to offer useful comments rather than attacking please

Happy New Year

Well at least you spelled it properly this time! Congrats I guess. . . although The Click had a certain cachet to it. . .

None coming from me. . . and you are aware, are you not, of Forum Guideline, First Amendment, #9: " 9. Multiple accounts - Each person should have only one account."

Now to the issue at hand. . . one suggestion was made (by you) of a letter to Mark Cohon about this; what response did you get?

if someone has been banned, its probably because they are an idiot.
i cant think of someone banned that i miss. heck, id ban a few others if i could.
i'd rather have 20 good posters then 100s of morons.

Well I'm glad there is a CFL forum that I can post in a consructive way/positive manner about football. On that note; if and when some of my posts come across in such a way that others Question or don't see it my way; then that is a good thing because then I can learn from others on their points of view on a said topic. Looking forward to next season; in the meantime I'll keep on truckin posting in the Eskie forum.
Happy New Year to all posters.

I hear you drummer. . .quality over quantity. . . valid point sir.

And a very happy new year to you and yours, backer!

To MJ, never wrote the letter. Am not surprised that so far nobody has a answer as to why so few posters take part here on a regular basis.

The quality over quantity statement? Would that work for CFL ratings? Heck the ratings are very good btw, in spite of a few negative reports. This is the CFL forum and its not growing, I say its a reason for concern. Not only is it not growing, it`s just not relevant

25-50 people that post on a regular basis? Are there only 25-50 CFL fans? Certainly not, there are millions, why and where have the others gone.

It`s great that you guys have your own little social club, I am happy for you. I guess it was asking too much to think that any of the regulars would admit the obvious, that something is wrong here with so few taking part.

Also some major problems on the tech side of the forum, but the problems I pointed out have been here long before the upgrade.

Why upgrade for only 25-50 people? Someone in the CFL should be alarmed by this, we are living in a on line world now, and the CFL forum is home to 25-50 isolated fans..

as you've said, there are other forums which people choose to contribute to.
because of tech issues with this forum or because they don't like the way this forum is moderated, or because they simply broke forum rules.
no big deal.

The forums weren't upgraded only for the people at the "CFL talk" forum. The forums at have one forum for each of the 8 teams, as well as for Ottawa, an Off-topic forum, a forum for other football leagues, a forum to discuss strategy. The forum upgrades applied to all of those forums, including the TiCats forum that you are referring to above.

Your argument is that not enough people come to the CFL talk forum, and to prove your point, you compare it to the TiCats forum. So let's see how the two different forums compare with each other and the rest of the forums.

-The TiCats forum has 16717 Topics and 336473 posts.
-The CFL talk forum has 13859 Topics and 336540 posts.
-No other forum has 5 digit topic counts or 6 digit post counts.

So the CFL talk forum is only second to the TiCats forum in the number of topics, and it's first in post count. No other forum in the forums comes close. Thus, if the TiCats forum is doing well, which it is according to you, then so is the CFL talk forum.

As far as league revenues from the website are concerned, Bob Young said a few days ago that traffic to is up 40% over last year (via Twitter). That doesn't do much to support your claim.

But supposing that there actually is a problem, that too few people are posting here, it's possible and plausible that people just prefer chatting with fans of their own team about their own team.

Right now, the biggest turn off to me isn't the Cabal of Moderators and their Regulars, but a small number of posters who can't seem to get enough complaining. If I really wanted non-stop complaining, I'd pick up the phone and call my mother.

Haha, The Click was hilarious!

I don’t post super often (at least, not enough to be considered part of “the 50 or so” of which you speak), but I do go to these forums every day, and post when there’s something I really want to say. Although I’m not involved as most of you, I’m still active for the most part within the forums. I know the same thing is true in a number of other forums I visit that a lot of people simply drop by on a daily basis rather than post frequently. Though I’m not saying that’s the situation here, I think the number of “active” people is quite a bit higher than 50, if only based on the what you might call “lurkers.”

Just throwing in my two cents.

The relatively large number of "I know better than you because I'm old and grumpy or ref'ed the game" folks sure do a good job scaring off the new people.

Instead of simply disagreeing with others, some here will not STFU until they beat the horse into a bloody pulp.

Also the nearly non-stop complaining is quite the downer.

Grims makes a good point!

And yes I was referring to the entire forum, all 8 teams etc, I thought I made that pretty clear.

To suggest that it`s a booming forum is laughable and shows some are simply in denial. Yes traffic may be up for viewing CFL articles/news at CFL.CA but not at the forum.

Please try and be a wee bit objective

As one who sometimes is guilty of some of the above, (never reffed a game in my life). I agree to an extent.

However I will state in my defense that when one expresses an opinion and is then challenged on the voracity of that opinion, I will defend. That being said I think many people are turned off by the challenging of that same voracity. People need to lighten up and remember an opinion is an opinion, no facts or proof are required.

If I say that Doug Flutie is over-rated, then he is, in my eyes. I don't need to prove the statement. (example, not my opinion)

The one thing that also bug's me is the lack of respect that some people display. I think that most on here do not expect this to be any more than "water fountain" discussion. I really don't give a rat's rear about what anybody thinks about me or my opinion but at least respect my rights to have an opinion. This and any other forum would be pretty boring if everyone agreed all of the time.

The defense rests.

that is an example of an opinion, which is fine.

what gets me, is, when a poster will make claims such as:" ____ team has lost more money then any team in the history of professional sports", and then not post any link or proof to back that claim.

imagine if everyone on the forum just spouted off false facts and figures around here to prop up their opinion. this place would be unbearable.

example: the san jose sharks are the greatest sports team in the world. they have won more championships then any team in sports and have sold more merchandise then any team in sports and play to the largest crowd anywhere in the world on a nightly basis. no team draws higher tv ratings then the sharks and every person in the world has some form of sharks merchandise at home.

when you prove them wrong, they simply shrug off your proof and continue with their BS.

You may not appreciate this coming from me, but I agree with every word you said.

Not sure why I wouldn't appreciate it, I am after all a Stamps fan and a Stamps fan.

Fred and Calgary. :cowboy:

Ya I guess that is a reflex action on my part at this forum, rather than have someone here say they do not care what I have to say, I beat them to the punch :smiley: