Yeah sure

lets leave the effing goal posts where they are

We are a league born from rugby. watch any rugby game, and thats where the goal posts are. leave them where they are, we need to repsect where we came from.

How often does that even happen?

if he was seriously injured, it would be one time too many.
if it caused him to give up the game winning td, it would be one time too many.

but also, I am sick of seeing fg attempts from around midfield. Plus I would like to see single pt convert a little less automatic.

Our game is so different from rugby, as it should be, that rugby should have nothing to do with how we play our game and what rules we do or do not change. also, "thats the way it has always been" arguement has no merit.

oh quit your crying....

I love the long field goal attempts! 63 yds that is REALLY 63 yds.. not from the 53.

I am stating an opinion and discussing that opinion. where is the crying?

I say leave it. It’s unfortunate that it happened. But it was a fluke, let’s not over-react.

yes. let's leave them where they are.

ask Korey Banks if we should leave them where they are. bet you he says yes.

and I love seeing field goals from midfield. you have to go an extra 10 yards to try a field goal in the CFL anyway.

or would you rather see a team have to get to the 12 yard line before they can try a field goal shorter than 40 yards?

how do you go from midfield to 12. I would rather see them have to get inside the 25.

Darn right leave the posts where they are.

"Uprights" at the back of the endzone is one of my biggest griefs with the NFL. Should one not judge all scoring by crossing the goal line plane?

no. any kick that goes right thru the endzone without being touched by player or ground, should not be a point.

I disagree. nothing wrong with up feeling different about that.

I am fine with how the rouge is...needs to touch the the ground before going out on the side, and if you have the leg to boot it through the endzone it is yours. The one rule change that I might find okay is that it needs to touch the ground prior to going out the deadline (as is the case on sides) on a punt. I still say a single on a missed FG is fine though.,

Agreed. Complete fluke. I've been watching football for over 30 years in CFL and NFL. That's like 9000 games. No I don't watch them all but I see all the highlights. 9 FREAKING THOUSAND GAMES. I've seen a guy hit the upright in the CFL like twice. I've seen a guy hit the upright in the NFL like twice. EVER.

Forget about moving the goalposts.
The CFL endzone is 25 yards deep.
YOu'd have to get to the 25 to even try a field goal if they were moved to the back.

And we aren't going to be like hockey now are we?
Changing the rule anytime some isolated incident happened?
Because to me hockye has been ruined by all the rule changes.
We don't want to start that with the CFL do we?

CFL endzones are 20 yards deep. But yea, the posts can stay where they are thank-you.

I'm with the majority here. Leave the posts where they are. It's part of the game. A player hitting the post like that is very rare. Moving them back would also take away one of the more exciting plays of a missed FG return. If you want to see the posts at the back and no points for the ball going through the endzone, then either watch the NFL or take it up with the guy trying to start CFL-11.

some guys get hit into the net and hurt in hockey... maybe we should counter sink the nets into the boards, so there now way to hit the net or go behind the goalie.

In retrospect after being a fan for two years of the CFL as well as having played rugby union and American football on an amateur basis, American football should have just made the field 10 yards longer and left matters at that instead of moving the posts.

Now they'll just have to make it wider some day down here to 60 yards (basically 10 feet wider each side of the field for which there is plenty of room except for at the oldest of stadia) via a phase in period starting with the NFL.

Our end zones are fine as they are otherwise as is your entire field up there as it is in rugby now as well.