Yay Thread Number 300!

Anyways, how about Corey Grant?? All i hear about training camp is mostly about him! Anyone think this guy is going to be big this season or is he just gettin lucky or something?? Anyways it sounds like we have a good receiving corp coming along this year so hopefully we can get a good ground game too and for once, dominate on offence.

Corey Grant stinks the bed. The only thing going for him is he's canadian and works cheap. We have 3 better Canadian Receivers than him, and at least 3 non import receivers, the only thing corey grant is, is a roster spot

Have you been to camp at all? Cause i have been, and i find that kind of harsh for describing a guy that has been pretty great so far. Im not saying he will dominate, but so far it looks like the challenge has a lit a fire in him and we should all hope it stays this way for him

Well this will be year 3 for him with the Riders and he didn't do squat last year, but who knows maybe a new pivot is what he needed.

Yea well i'm pretty excited to see him play today and yea apparently jamie hasn't seen training camp or heard anything about it because half the days the play of the day included Corey Grant, so hopefully he'll have a better year!

I think Corey Grant is gonna have a solid year. He just seems to be at his peak i suppose...