Yay or Nay? - Bruce to Cats

Do you like the trade or no?

Are you happy that you have a top 5 CFL receiver, or disappointed (as I'm sure some of you are, based on your previous posts about a double blue receiver) that you have a classless ego-maniac who is disruptive on and off the field?

Yay, :thup:

Yes to both questions. :twisted:

Im Pumped!

He is going to be huge for our offence in more ways than one.
He can do his own thing and score points
He will give our other receivers more room out there to make plays
He will even help out with our run game

I actually do like the trade.

We get a receiver who can get open. His antics won't be tollerated and I think he will be a perfect teammate.

We get rid of a guy who wants too much money, hasn't played a meaningful down of football in over 2 years. Don't really care about the draft pick as our draft history hasn't been the best and when's the last time a 3rd round draft pick started and made an impact on our team?

Not a huge fan of Bruce right now but I am sure that I will warm up to him.

I still dont understand why TO would trade him to Hamilton... certainly somebody could make a similar offer and trade him out west.

I dont get it, but im happy about it.

So, despite all of the previous comments made before about how disruptive he is, how classless he is, and how he's a horrible human being, the fact that he can play well, makes him an asset to his new team and to his team's fans, and makes the fact that he's wearing black and gold tolerable?

I'm disappointed in acquiring him, as he could destroy whatever chemistry we have potentially developing in the locker room. I'm a bit surprised at how quickly Cory Mace came to terms with Toronto. Sounds like there was no way he wanted to play in Hamilton.

What # will Bruce wear?

Its not like the guy is Dennis Rodman... hes been relatively quiet before this last outburst with a rookie head coach.

I'm disappointed that we lose that 3rd round draft pick next year


Look at our draft history, we don’t really improve our NIs through the draft.

When was the last time that a 3rd rounder started or played a significant role on this team?

We get rid of 2 players who probably never had a chance of playing for us.

:thup: Great signing he will get jersey #1

ON MONDAY SEPT 7TH HE WILL KILL THE ARGOS :thup: :smiley: :lol: :rockin: can't wait

It was a joke.......lol!!!!!!!!! I was being SARCASTIC,
The first round picks the last two years didn't make it through training camp.

I'm a YAY. I thought the guy was a complete jerk in double blue, but if he performs for us and isn't too annoying, then I'm ok with it. The fact is, we have a very young and inexperienced receiving corps, and this makes us much better without the loss of any roster players. He might even be persuaded to take on a role like the one they sold to Kevin Glenn, as mentor to younger players. Hopefully he won't mentor them in touchdown celebrations.

Do we actually know the Corey Mace came to terms with Toronto? I think they are just trading his rights. The guy was never going to play for us. He wouldn't budge on salary or on term. If he signs in the CFL, the second he gets the chance, he's going to go back and try the NFL again.


My bad!

Bruce is a wingnut, but IMO so is Andrus. Publicly ripping a player for being late to a few meetings and one stupid TD celebration? Come on.

Bruce is controllable as long as you feed him the ball. Given Porter's propensity to throw those deep corner routes, he should develop some nice chemistry with Bruce. Like him or hate him, Bruce makes your receiving corps significantly better. In fact, I'd rate it fourth in the league behind Calgary, Montreal, and B.C.

You guys are too much.

So are Corey Mace's salary demands!


  • paul

As much as it pains me to say this, Welcome to the Hammer! I can't see how anyone could think this is a bad trade from a Ticat perspective. We pretty much gave up nothing. Behaviour problems aside, Bruce is a great receiver and will automatically make us better. He just needs to keep his attitude in check and we won't have a problem lol.