yay Flemming isnt place kicking anymore!!!

Finally! Flemming is past his prime and his field goal kicking is embarassing, i can tell you i was one of those esky fans boo'ing him at commonwealth and in last years playoff game versus the Riders, im really glad they are putting that rookie in, i mean something has got to change he has lost his touch! it's about time they try to fix this problem.

mmmmmmm........ potatoe chips

Fleming has always been shaky. Remember the 2000 Western Semi Final? Last play of the game field goal would have won it for the Esks but he shanks it wide and BC goes on to win the Grey Cup. McCallum isn't the only one who has missed when in the clutch.

i’m a firm flemming fan
once his groin strain is fine he’ll be kicking again, perfectly.
his punts are still like killler
so ya i hope the best for the rookie tho.

fleming's kicking is getting to be pretty embarassing, hopefully the rookie will do well tonite and we'll keep him

I don't really care who is kicking for the Esks, as long as the job gets done.

But Fleming is now a healthy scratch on Labor Day.

Are they making roster room for Brock Ralph, perhaps?

May as well put Fleming back in...

Epstein looked no better against the Riders today.

Or maybe Maas isn't holding the laces out like he should?

Ya, i'd have to agree, i think its time to give fleming another chance.

HMM, I bet that you wish Flemwad would have been kicking that field goal tonite. Oh wait, Omarr would have blocked it anyways.

Not necessarily - there were two missed field goals earlier.

If even one of those were good, Ricky Ray would have taken a knee on that last play and sent the Riders back into fourth place where they belong.