YAY!!!!!!!!!! 8-2!!!!!!


Walker! GREAT CATCH! :slight_smile:



WOW is right. Fantastic catch. Unbelieveable finish!

My thoughts exactly!!!!


I have to eat crow and jump on the Bishop bandwagon!!!!!

Exceptional team win. Disappointing outing from the defence, but unlike Calgary and Edmonton, Bishop took the offence and started gunning the ball deep. Defence also played an exceptional 4th quarter.

Didn't take long to get over the slump and get back to Rider form. Look out CFL, the riders are back, and they can only get healthier now.

Perhaps the most exciting game I've seen all year.......SIMPLY AMAZING !!!!!!
Renewed a love of the game from a truly exceptional team.....Proud to be a RIDER FAN!!!!!

yup! you wait till Flick and Fantuz come back! and then Dominguez!!

we’re going to be great! watch out!

Will this win finally shut the bombers fans up??

Well probably not. But it should!

it's not the Bombers fans i'm concerned about.. it's the Media who can't give the Roughriders any respect!

Who cares they can eat crow Riders are defending champs and are showing why, great team effort, Bishop played very good as so did the recievers!

Yay indeed! Now when someone asks me, 'Gerran Walker who?' you can say Big Play Gerran Walker!..

Credit to all..

8-2, i've never seen this much will to win from our riders.

Bishop had an oustanding game...Dressler,Marshall and this new guy Walker is a keeper

Holy xxxx
what a game
and what a finish.
Am i dreaming if not dont wake me up
cant quit smiling.
thanks riders

now the question is.. when the playoffs roll around..

who plays?

because likely we're going to see Flick, Fantuz and Dominguez back.

so who plays? Dressler? walker? Marshall?

sure won't be Palmer! that much we can say.

Did anyone elses heart stop when Cates was injured on that helmet on helmet hit and couldn't even make it off the field? That could have been a devastating blow for sure. But it worked out in the end!

Great to see Bishop settled in a little with his receivers and we put some good points on the board too! I know it was only against Winnipeg, bit still good to see the offense get something rolling...hopefully it carries over into the next games.

Personally I think we play who is hot. Palmer and Bagg might have to step up they will be sitting.

I was very impressed with our receivers tonight!!

....... i'm speechless

I thought Bagg played well. He's obviously likely to stay in until we get another non import back like Grant or Fantuz, same deal with Palmer.

Are you...serious? Bagg had 5 catches for 50 some yards.

Bagg's the holder. He's untouchable until Fantuz is back.