Yawn !!!!! Is it over yet?

Everyone is saying the same thing about the Buff VS Mia Game @Roger Centre.It was over Hyped. It was over priced. It was boring and didnt really have one high light unless you are a miami fan. I look at this day as a great plus for the CFL because its good to know there is a leaque that doesnt over charge there tickets and always has so kind of excitement to its games even if its on the losing kind. I just want to tell you I paid full price for my Greycup Championship ticket less then The worse ticket at that game sunday. The difference was the GreyCup is always more exciting then any NFL game.Start saving if you want to see the No Fun Leaques game at the end of the season because you are for sure not get your moneys worth! :wink:

The great thing about the Grey Cup is that you are paying for a guaranteed championship game, and our own Canada's national championship at that. So even if the GC game is a stinker, there is much more at stake for everyone involved compared with some regular season NFL game even if the NFL is more media hyped in the US and the Toronto market where the game is.

Now that being said, if the Vikings were in the game yesterday, my favourite NFL team, I might have been persuaded to hang out in front of the RC and pick up some cheapo scalper tickets where someone was basically almost giving them away, maybe.

My point was I always take quality over qualinty! :wink:

I'm glad that the game and this event pretty much panned out. It looks good on them all. If Torontonians want to see an NFL game so much...tell them to haul their collective asses down to Buffalo to watch them. Afterall...it's only 2 hours away.

I'm sure the Buffalo Bills would appreciate it more as would the store owners etc in the Buffalo area.

You should be celebrating Torontonians today, not trashing them. After all, isn't the biggest story in all of this that Torontonians DIDN'T fill the place at those big league prices. :slight_smile:

This game was a battle of defenses and games like this are usually boring due to the lack of scoring.

During the 4th quarter, I found myself being unable to wait for the end.

It was great to see that this part of the NFL project on Canadian soil failed so miserably.

I’d like to be among those who wish the NFL (and CFL) promotors nothing but bad luck in their future endeavours to foist their dull game and exorbitant ticket prices on Canadians.

Take a hike!

I find that if you are stuck watching one NFL game (Monday night, Thursday night, Sunday night), more often than not the game is terribly boring.
Where things get exciting is on Sunday afternoon, you can choose the best of the 2 or 3 games available, and you get a scoring highlight zapped in every five minutes.

If I could only watch one game from start to finish, with no outside highlights merged in, I would take the CFL every time!!

I still prefer the NFL over the CFL anyday. The CFL has tons of stinker games to shake a stick at as well, and is also quite boring as often as the NFL is. With me the main reason I prefer the NFL is talent and attention to detail, I prefer long sustained drives and watching great qb's go at it, the CFL no longer has great qb's. Just watch the CFL on ESPN classic, the games they show are so damn boring and tedious to watch.

And the fact how much attention this boring game is getting just goes to show how many issues and insecure the CFL really is. The CFL still has long ways to go before i'll consider it professional.

To each his own. I don't like long sustained drives because often the team still can't get it in the end zone, much prefer the strategy of field position we see in the CFL with 3 downs and sustaining field position. And also, 4 downs and 40 seconds at the end make it more boring in the NFL where with 2 minutes left, the winning team has the ball they just kneel it down. I watch a lot of both and prefer the CFL but I really like the field-level cameras the NFL has which gives you more close up views of the action on the TV. But man, talent, my goodness NFL guys drop passes left, right and centre and the big lineman are too fat to move well compared with the CFL guys I find. I like the CFL quick strike approach as well, a quicker more tempo flowed game compared with the herky, jerky NFL stuff.

Of course in the CFL they get to play for the Grey Cup, a Canadian iconic trophy rather than some trophy in the NFL that doesn't have the lore and history of the Grey Cup.